Halloween Special – 10 Must See Horror Movies

10 Must See Horror Movies For Halloween

With Halloween nearly upon us we here at Popcorn Cinema Show decided it was time to pick out a few great horror movies to watch. Well here are 10 must see horror movies for you to watch this Halloween.

halloween special

The Amityville Horror (1979)
  • Running Time: 118 mins
  • Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg
  • Music by Lalo Schifrin
  • Starring James Brolin ; Margot Kidder ; Rod Steiger ; Don Stroud ; Murray Hamilton

Based on a true story, a mother, father and four of their children are murdered with no apparent motive.  One year later George Lutz (James Brolin) and his wife Kathy move into the house along with their three children.

When Father Delaney arrives at the house to bless it he finds nobody home, he goes upstairs and enters one of the rooms, the door slams shut and a voice tells him to GET OUT!!!

More strange events start to take place, one of those being George begins to feel ill.  In fact George is starting to come apart.

With everyone experiencing stange events you know something big is going to happen!

This movie has plenty of atmosphere  helped in no small way by the music score provided by the great Lalo Schifrin.


Well worth watching this Halloween night…


Phenomena (1985)

Phenomena is an Italian horror movie by Dario Argento.  After missing the bus in the Swiss countyside a tourist looks for help at a nearby house, she enters and is attacked and murdered.

Eight month later Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly) arrives at a Swiss academy for girls.  After sleepwalking Jennifer witnesses the murder of a student and finds herself lost in the woods.

John McGregor’s (Donald Pleasence) chimpanzee finds her and leads her to him.  He believes she has some kind of gift of telepathy with insects, I know how it sounds stay with me.  Jennifer is able to control insects such as firefly and the like.

After being taunted by fellow pupils she does indeed summon a swarm of insects that covers the entire building and really freaks out the students.

Don’t worry there is a lot more to come murders etc… but I would strongly recommend that you watch this movie.

There is a great piece of music that really sets the tone for the film giving it a unique feel, and lets not forget the movie has Donald Pleasence which also helps.


Dario Argento films have a unique style and this is the one I like the most – It’s a must see this Halloween.


10 Must See Horror Movies – Dario Argento

An American Werewolf In London (1981)

Two American set off backpacking across the Yorkshire moors in England, with the light going they call in a the local pub.  Jack (Griffin Dunne) see a five pointed star on the wall and asks about it, the locals turn hostile and they are asked to leave.

They are given some advice, keep to the roads, however soon after they find themselves lost on the moors and the sound of wolf tracking them!!!

David awakes in hospital in London only to be told his friend Jack has been killed, however this is just the start of Davids nightmare…


Now this is a comedy-horror and it works perfectly, If you have have never seen this horror classic then I recommend treating yourself to a viewing the Halloween!



Near Dark (1987)

Caleb Colton (Adrian Pasdar) lives in a small town, one night he encounters Mae (Jenny Wright) who he is instanly attracted to.  He takes her on a drive and gets more than he bargined for when she bites him shortly before sunrise and then runs off!

Caleb’s truck won’t start so he has to walk home, the only problem being he starting to burn.

Mae and her friends snatch Caleb right in front of Caleb’s father and sister.  Confused about what has just occured Caleb attempts to leave and go home only to discover he is no longer the same man he once was.

Now he has to learn to kill to survive…


Not a big hit upon release this is now widely considered a cult classic, and I for one would agree with that.  I love the mood and feel of the film – An underrated cult classic!!!


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