All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping DVD Review aka All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2015)

Halloween is finally here and you may well be looking for the perfect Halloween night viewing.  Well having just looked at the first All Hallows’ Eve film it’s time to look at the sequel, so without further ado here’s my All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping DVD Review.

  • All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping DVD Review (2015)
  • Genre: Horror
  • Running Time: 87 Mins
  • UK Rating 18
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By 101 Films

It’s Halloween and a young woman is playing with an ouija board whilst alone in her home. She asks the board a question and then hears a noise outside. When she looks out of the window a strange man is standing across the street.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door, when she opens it she finds no one. However she discovers an old VHS tape on her doormat. She picks it up and looks down the staircase again and there is the man who was standing across the street and he is wearing a Halloween mask.

Clearly spooked out she retreats into her apartment, she of course plays the tape. What follows next are several horror stories that in essence are linked to the woman receiving the tape.

Some of the stories are Halloween themed whilst others are simply horror tales.

Style / Direction

Various horror shorts from different directors makes for interesting viewing. Some are better done than others but on the whole I’d say they are all pretty good.

Music / Audio Effects

Again different stories have different people doing the music but all are in keeping with the theme and convey the horror well enough.

Acting / Characters

Like the first All Hallows’ Eve the acting is good enough not to distract from the horror.

Conclusion – All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping DVD Review

All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping is the perfect way to start off you Halloween night’s horror viewing with several chilling tales. With these kind of films having one main story linking the apparently separate other stories there is no reason why they can’t keep making more. I certainly would watch another All Hallows’ Eve film.

On to my movie rating for All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping (2015)

  • Movie Rating: WORTH WATCHING
  • DVD : GOOD

All Hallows’ Eve The Reaping (2015) is available now.


For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster with the trailer…

Clip not representative of the DVD version

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Director(s): Various

Genre: Horror

  • Movie Rating


The perfect way to start off you Halloween night’s horror viewing.

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