Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice Trailer

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer (Action)

Check out the new Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice trailer

Are you looking forward to the Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice movie?

This movie will see Batman takes on Superman believing his actions have been left unchecked.  Taking advantage of this is of course Lex Luthor. So Superman and Batman need to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor.

So when do you get to see these two superhero heavyweights clash in their new film? Well it’s slated for release on 25 March 2016 in theatres in the US and the UK.


So that was the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer.  What do you think of the Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice trailer?  Good, bad?? I’m sure this is another move will split opinion.  Have you now accepted Ben Affleck as Batman having had time to think about and see the various trailers?

I say that I’m not sold on the idea of this movie or the casting of Affleck, but I guess you and I will simply have to watch the movie to see if they pull it off. I hope they make a good film but I don’t really like these cross over films as they become too clichéd, the two of them coming together to battle the real evil etc…

Please leave a comment with you thoughts on anything related to the film or trailer below.

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