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Best Popcorn Machines 2021

If like us movie night means popcorn time then why not make your own lovely popcorn at home. 

These are the best popcorn making machines currently on sale that we recommend you buy.

In next to no time you could be enjoying a popcorn movie night with delicious freshly made popcorn.

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Best Popcorn Making Machine

Yabano Popcorn Maker

5L Popcorn Popper Machine

We found the Yabano Popcorn Maker to be our favourite machine. It's well made, easy to use and has a large 5 litre capacity which equates to 24 cups. 800W machine means your popcorn is ready in just 3 minutes.

The motorized stirring rod make sure the popcorn is heated evenly to get better popping performance than hot air popcorn maker. 

Its easy to clean with a detachable non-stick plate, the plate and transparent cover are dishwasher safe.

Easy To Use

800W High Power

Dishwasher Safe

Yabano Popcorn Maker, 5L Popcorn Popper Machine


  • Popcorn ready in 3 minutes
  • 800W, 5L Capacity (24 Cups of Popcorn)
  • Easy To Clean
  • Motorized stirring rod make sure the popcorn is heated evenly


  • No Major Flaws - But If left too slightly too long popcorn can burn.


A really good popcorn machine with no real drawbacks. It's simple to operate, easy to clean and allows you to make delicious popcorn at home in just 3 minutes.

Best Value Popcorn Machine

Gadgy Hot Air Popcorn Maker - Retro Popcorn Machine

If you are looking for the best value popcorn making machine we recommend giving the Gadgy Hot Air Popcorn Maker - Retro Machine a look. It cost around half as much as the Yabano model above and has a smaller capacity.

Its a great choce for movie nights with the popcorn being ready in 2-4 minutes.  

Small & Portable

Easy To Use

Popcorn In 2-4 Minutes

Gadgy Hot Air Popcorn Maker - Retro Popcorn Machine


  • Popcorn ready in 2-4 minutes
  • Easy To Use
  • Small & Portable
  • Produces fresh popcorn using only hot air.


  • Small capacity means it can become hot when used repeatly


A good value popcorn machine ideal for movie nights. Healthier popcorn can be made in just 2-4 minutes. Its small and portable design mean it can easily be taken between homes. 

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