Blade Runner 2049 Film Trailer 2 – Making Sci-fi cool again

Ready for the Blade Runner 2049 film trailer 2? I love Blade Runner, well I’ll clarify that a little by saying my preferred version is Blade Runner The Final Cut (1982 / 2007). There is little doubt this sci-fi classic shaped pretty much all other science fiction films since its release back in 1982 to some degree.

The look of the film even today (Only watch the Blu-ray version) is truly astonishing and breathtaking, the feel and the music unrivalled by any other science fiction film since.

And yet it took until 2007 when we finally got our hands on what I consider to be the definitive version.

However the clock is ticking down until the release of the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner 2049. We have already had a sneak peek back in May and now Warner Bros have just released another movie trailer.

Let’s be clear there is nothing amazing revealed in the new trailer but it does look promising although I have my doubts whether this sequel will really be worth the hype. Trust me I really want this to be another classic but I’m keeping my expectations pretty low.

Anyway for those of you not following every little snippet of news, the sequel stars Ryan Gosling and of course Harrison Ford.

Blade Runner 2049 is listed for release in cinemas in both the UK & US 6th October 2017.

Anyway enough of my ramblings you probably just want to see the film trailer.

Blade Runner 2049 Film Trailer 2

Here’s the latest Blade Runner 2049 film trailer 2


Blade Runner 2049 Film Trailer 2 – Coming October 2017

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