Blu-ray Deals that make perfect viewing this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching you may well be looking for a few horror films to watch in the coming days.  As luck would have it there are plenty of quality titles available to purchase on Blu-ray at really decent prices with some ridiculously low.  So let’s take a look at some of the best Blu-ray deals in the UK, these are all via

Blu-ray Deals – Boxsets

For £19.99 you could be watching the Hellraiser Trilogy of films starring Doug Bradley as Pinhead.  The films (1987-1992) are based on author Clive Barkers novels with him directing the first one.  If you purchase directly from Arrow Video’s website you will be paying £37.99.

Blu-ray Deals that make perfect viewing this Halloween

If you prefer a little more comedy horror then you can pick up the excellent first three Scream films in one collection for a mere £8.99.  Looking for something a little nastier then how about all seven Chucky films for £39.99 this one’s only just come out so it a little on the pricier side.

Next up at a very reasonable £12.99 are the original seven Nightmare On Elm Street movies starring Robert Englund, no remakes here!  Stephen King films are always a favourite and you are in luck as the recent three film collection consisting of IT mini-series, The Shinning & Salem’s Lot can be had for £19.99.

How about some good old Universal horror or Hammer horror take a look at these Blu-ray deals

Other Blu-ray Deals

There are plenty of great horror films both classic and modern available for under £10.   A few of highlights include An American Werewolf in London for £5.67, Sinister £3.75, The Awakening £6, John Carpenter’s The Fog £7.94, The Babadook £3.75, Lights Out £7.20, The Vatican Tapes £4.95 & Stonehearst Asylum £4.93

Many of these films have been had the Blu-ray versions reviewed here on the website so you can find out what they are all about if you are unfamiliar with some of them.

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