Blu-ray Releases 11 July 16 Highlander

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Every Monday I look through all the new Blu-ray releases, as well as the odd DVD out that week, and select my pick(s) of the week. These are the Blu-ray Releases 11 July 16

UK New Blu-ray Releases 11 July 16 (Highlander)

Invasion USA (1985) Blu-ray

  • Action
  • Stars Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet

Take a look at Norris in action in the Invasion USA movie trailer.

Highlander (1986) Blu-ray

  • Stars Christopher Lambert & Sean Connery

Now this is one film that needed restoring on Blu-ray because it’s first release on Blu-ray was truly awful.

Check out the Highlander movie trailer

Final Thought: UK New Blu-ray Releases 11 July 16

There are my two picks of the week of the new releases on Blu-ray.  Highlander, with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery is the one I’m most looking forward having hopefully finally being properly restored.

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