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Immaculate (2024) UK Blu-ray Releases in June 2024

Attention horror film enthusiasts and Blu-ray collectors! Black Bear is set to release the, Immaculate (2024) on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK this June 2024. This is a must-have addition to your collection, especially for fans of spine-chilling narratives and atmospheric horror. Plot Summary: Immaculate …

Into the Blue (2005) UK Blu-ray Release in May 2024

Exciting news for movie enthusiasts and collectors: Altitude Film Distribution is set to release the thrilling crime-action film, Into the Blue (2005), on Blu-ray in the UK this May 2024. Into the Blue (2005) – A High-Stakes Underwater Adventure Starring Paul Walker and the captivating Jessica …

88 Films May 2024 Blu-ray Releases (UK)

If like me you happen to be a massive film fan then you will probably aware of 88 Films and their excellent releases. Well its time to take a look at the 88 Films May 2024 Blu-ray releases for the UK. There’s several interesting releases coming …