Category: Top 10 Lists

10 Films For Halloween

It’s Halloween and time for some horror movies to watch, hopefully we have already given you plenty of ideas with our Halloween season here on Popcorn Cinema Show.  Here are 10 films for Halloween: Halloween Special – 10 Must See Horror Movies (2015) Movie Quiz – …

Top 10 Best Clint Eastwood Movies

It’s time to take a look at a great actor and countdown their ten best movies.  So here are my Top 10 Best Clint Eastwood movies. Clint has plenty of great movies to choose from, just think of all the classic westerns he has made likes …

10 Must See Movies This Christmas

Movie Suggestions: 10 Must See Movies This Christmas So it’s Christmas and we at Popcorn Cinema Show thought it was time to pick a few great movies to watch and get us in the mood for all the festivites. Well here are 10 must see movies …

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