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It’s time to find out which films are topping the box office charts and which television series and movies are the top sellers in the UK on both Blu-ray and DVD. These figures will be updated every week.

Blu-ray/DVD & Cinema Charts

UK Blu-ray Charts 19/05/2019
PosLWFilmBuy FromDistributor
1NewBumblebee (2018)Paramount
2NewThe Favourite20th Century Fox
3(1)Spider-Man - Into The Spider-VerseSony Pictures
4(4)Aquaman (2018)Warner Bros
5(3)Ant-Man And The WaspMarvel Films
6(2)Avengers - Infinity War (2018)Marvel Films
7(7)Mortal Engines (2018)Universal Pictures
8(9)Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)20th Century Fox
9(6)Black Panther (2018)Marvel Films
10(8)Thor - Ragnarok (2017)Marvel Films
11(11)Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of GrindelwaldWarner Bros
12(10)Mary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney
13(21)John Wick Chapters 1&2Warner Bros
14(20)Mission Impossible - Fallout (2018)Paramount
15(15)Captain America: Civil WarMarvel Films
16(16)Doctor StrangeMarvel Films
17(14)VenomSony Pictures
18(17)Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)Sony Pictures
19(18)Guardians of The Galaxy - Vol 2Marvel Films
20(24)Alien (1979) - 40th Anniversary20th Century Fox
21(23)A Star Is BornWarner Bros
22(22)Avengers AssembleMarvel Films
23(19)Avengers - Age of Ultron (2015)Marvel Films
24Re:DriveIcon Home Ent
25(25)Ant-ManMarvel Films
26(51)Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase TwoMarvel Films
27NewMy Hero Academia - Season 3 Pt 1Manga Entertainment
28NewColette (2018)Lionsgate
29NewNovemberEureka Entertainment
30(12)Iron Sky - The Coming Race101 Films
31(27)Captain America - The First AvengerParamount
32(26)Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase OneMarvel Films
33NewEarth From SpaceBBC
35(30)Iron ManParamount
36(28)Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018)Walt Disney
37(5)Captain America - The Winter SoldierMarvel Films
38(37)Iron Man 3Marvel Films
39(38)Jurassic World - Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures
41(46)First Man (2018)Universal Pictures
42(36)Thor - The Dark WorldMarvel Films
43(40)Creed IIWarner Bros
44(32)Annihilation (2018)Paramount
45(41)Iron Man 2Marvel Films
46(35)Game Of Thrones - Complete Seasons 1-7Warner Bros
47(71)John Wick - Chapter 2Warner Bros
48(66)Marvel Studios Cinematic - Phase 3 Pt 1Marvel Films
52(98)John Wick (2014)Warner Bros
53(47)The Greatest Showman20th Century Fox
54(42)Deadpool 220th Century Fox
55NewThe Night Of The GeneralsEureka Entertainment
58(45)Solo - A Star Wars StoryWalt Disney
60(31)Holmes & Watson - Weapons of Mass DeductionSony Pictures
61(55)Hunter Killer (2018)Lionsgate
66(73)X-Men Collection20th Century Fox
67(54)Captain America - 3 Movie CollectionMarvel Films
68(58)Mary Poppins Returns / Mary PoppinsWalt Disney
71(49)Justice League Vs The Fatal FiveWarner Bros
72NewWelcome to Marwen (2018)Universal Pictures
75(39)Replicas (2018)Lionsgate
76(94)IT (2017)Warner Bros
77(44)Overlord (2018)Paramount
78(75)Blade Runner 2049Sony Pictures
81NewAssassin's Creed/Martian/Kingsman20th Century Fox
85(67)Howard The Duck101 Films
86NewVictoria - Series ThreeITV Studios
88(85)Halloween (2018)Universal Pictures
90(43)The VanishingLionsgate
96NewYakuza LawArrow Films
99(70)Star Wars: The Last JediWalt Disney
100Re:The Last Kingdom - Season 3Playback
UK DVD Charts 19/05/2019
PosLWFilmBuy FromDistributor
1NewBumblebee (2018)Paramount
2NewThe Favourite (2018)
3(1)Mary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney
4(2)Bohemian Rhapsody20th Century Fox
5NewColette (2018)Lionsgate
6(3)Spider-Man - Into The Spider-VerseSony Pictures
7(4)AquamanWarner Bros
8(5)Avengers - Infinity WarMarvel Films
9(6)Mortal EnginesUniversal Pictures
10(13)A Star Is BornWarner Bros
11(7)Ant-Man And The WaspMarvel Films
12(11)Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of GrindelwaldWarner Bros
13(15)The Greatest Showman20th Century Fox
14(14)Black PantherMarvel Films
15(8)The Guard of AuschwitzHigh Fliers
16(22)John Wick - Chapters 1&2Warner Bros
17(39)The Secret Life of PetsUniversal Pictures
18(10)The VanishingLionsgate
19(16)Thor: RagnarokMarvel Films
20(37)The MegWarner Bros
21(19)Mamma Mia - Here We Go AgainUniversal Pictures
22(20)Mission: Impossible - FalloutParamount
23(12)Holmes & Watson - Weapons of Mass DeductionSony Pictures
24(23)Jurassic Park - Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures
25(17)VenomSony Pictures
26NewVictoria - Series ThreeITV Studios
27(27)Spider-Man - HomecomingSony Pictures
28(21)Ralph Breaks The InternetWalt Disney
29(51)John Wick - Chapter 2Warner Bros
30NewRavenswood AsylumHigh Fliers
31(25)Doctor StrangeMarvel Films
32(34)Johnny English Strikes AgainUniversal Pictures
33NewHitman - RedemptionSignature Entertainment
34(9)Line of Duty - Series 5Acorn Media
35(30)Avengers - Age of UltronMarvel Films
36(35)Jumanji - Welcome To The JungleSony Pictures
37(29)Captain America - Civil WarMarvel Films
38(18)Iron Sky - The Coming Race101 Films
39(26)Robin HoodLionsgate
40(40Goosebumps 2Sony Pictures
41(32)303 SquadronSpirit Entertainment
43(36)Guardians Of The Galaxy - Vol 2Marvel Films
44(33)Avengers AssembleMarvel Films
45(68)RampageWarner Bros
46(62)The Haunting of Borley RectoryHigh Fliers
47(38)The House With A Clock In Its WallsEntertainment One
48(49)Book ClubParamount
49(61)PeterlooEntertainment One
50(42)Paddington 2Studiocanal
51(44)Creed IIWarner Bros
52(52)Mary Poppins Returns/Mary PoppinsWalt Disney
54(48)Peter RabbitSony Pictures
55(47)Game Of Thrones - Season 7Warner Bros
57(46)King Of ThievesStudiocanal
58(43)Widows20th Century Fox
61(45)SmallfootWarner Bros
65(24)Line of Duty - Series 1-5Acorn Media
66(31)Iron Sky 1 & 2101 Films
67(66)Sherlock GnomesParamount
69(60)Game Of Thrones - Season 1-7Warner Bros
72(73)Hotel Transylvania 3Sony Pictures
86NewWelcome to Marwen (2018)Universal Pictures
88(75)Halloween (2018)Universal Pictures
89Re:John Wick (2014)Warner Bros
90NewThe Adventures Of AladdinSpirit Entertainment
91(71)Captain America - The Winter SoldierMarvel Films
94(81)Justice LeagueWarner Bros
96NewBelow The Belt - Brawl At DonnybrookSignature Entertainment
100Re:The FestivalEIV
UK Box Office 10/05/2019
1NewPokemon Detective PikachuWarner Bros£4,951,838
2(1)Avengers: EndgameDisney£4,414,015
3NewThe HustleUniversal£1,037,478
4(2)Long ShotLionsgate£413,059
5(3)The Curse of La LloronaWarner Bros£243,601
7(4)Tolkien20th Century Fox£237,727
8NewAmazing GraceStudioCanal£166,593
9NewDialogues Des Carmelites - Met Opera 2019Trafalgar£141,630
10(6)Wonder ParkParamount£109,418
11NewStudent of the Year 220th Century Fox£102,308
12NewHigh LifeThunderbird£77,610
US Box Office 17/05/2019
1NewJohn Wick: Chapter 3 — ParabellumLionsgate$56,818,067
2(1)Avengers: EndgameWalt Disney$29,973,505
3(2)Pokémon: Detective PikachuWarner Bros$25,108,159
4NewA Dog’s JourneyUniversal$8,030,085
5(3)The HustleMGM$6,139,638
6(4)The IntruderSony Pictures$4,017,808
7(5)Long ShotLionsgate$3,341,917
8NewThe Sun is Also a StarWarner Bros$2,511,530
9(6)PomsSTX Entertainment$2,180,698
10(7)UglyDollsSTX Entertainment$1,779,617

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