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UK Christmas Presents Ideas

Christmas is coming and let’s face it finding Christmas presents for everyone is always a tricky affair.  Fear not as we have a few suggestions that may help, here are some classic television series now on DVD and Blu-ray. We think these are some cracking Christmas Presents Ideas, but that’s probably because we chose them!

Whilst some of these have been repeated on television many have not. Hopefully we will point you two a few TV shows you may have long forgotten about but are now available to buy.  So let us start with some classic British television now on DVD.

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Christmas Presents Ideas

Recent Releases

Here a some of the recent DVD and Blu-ray releases you may have missed.

You can buy Morecambe & Wise: Two of A Kind for £59.99 and Till Death Us Do Part for £59.99 direct from Networks website which is quite a bit cheaper than the price on Amazon (9th December 2016). That said Amazon’s prices do change quite regularly so if you prefer to buy from Amazon you will need to keep checking for the price to fall.

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Other new releases include Spike Milligan’s Q series and the Doctor Who story The Power of The Daleks.

Prices below are from

                  £80.04                              £76.04                            £29.99

£14.99                               £14.99                           £13.00

Take a look at a clip from Morecambe & Wise Two of A Kind, we are pretty sure someone in the family would love to recieve this as gift.

Now you know it’s really Christmas or that’s how many people will remember Morecambe and Wise.

British TV Comedy DVDs

Here are some well known and some lesser known television series, some which you may never have seen.

  £20.00                                £11.38                          £6.95

£13.00                                £16.30                            £9.00

£27.95                                 £4.99                             £30.09

£12.99                                 £9.99



So hopefully there was something of interest amongst those selections if not maybe this next set will be more to your liking.        

Other British TV Classics

Christmas Presents Ideas

£28.84                             £10.99                          £12.53

£8.00                               £10.67

Now its time for some true Christmas classic television

Christmas TV Classics

Christmas Presents Ideas

Christmas Presents Ideas

Christmas Presents Ideas

£3.99                             £5.99                                £4.00


Christmas Presents IdeasChristmas Presents Ideas

£8.99                                 £8.99

American TV Shows on Blu-ray

Great news as several classic American television shows have now been digitally restored and the complete series are now available on Blu-ray. Note two of these are actually due out on the 12th December 2016, Miami Vice and Magnum P.I.

   £143.35                                   £46.99                           £119.99

£162.55                              £169.99                     £89.99

Christmas Presents Ideas

£14.99                                  £114.17

Now there are some really great Christmas presents ideas that friend or family member would surely love.  Prices range from £3.99 right up to £169.99 so we think we have you covered.

Maybe you just want a present for yourself, so when you get a bit fed up with the Christmas television offerings you can simply pop on a DVD or Blu-ray.

Our favourites include Ghost Stories fro Christmas and The Box of Delights.

Just the opening and closing titles to The Box of Delights but now you are probably hooked and need to revisit or discover this classic BBC childrens series from 1984. Simply magical!

Merry Christmas, too early?

Christmas Presents Ideas

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