Cinema Releases 26 April 2019: Avengers: Endgame / Fatigue?

Oh not another superhero film, yes I’m afraid so Avengers: Endgame dominates cinemas everywhere this week. There’s is another new release for those not interested in the Avengers movie with with drama Eighth Grade also arriving in UK cinemas.

So without further ado here are the cinema releases 26 April 2019 for the UK & USA.

Cinema Releases 26 April 2019

Avengers: Endgame (Action, Adventure)

Released 26th April 2019 UK/USA (12A/PG-13) 181 Mins

  • Distributor: Walt Disney
  • Starring Robert Downey Jr; Chris Evans; Mark Ruffalo; Chris Hemsworth; Scarlett Johansson;
  • Jeremy Renner; Don Cheadle; Paul Rudd; Brie Larson; Karen Gillan; Danai Gurira; Bradley Cooper; Josh Brolin

It’s all been building up to this point. Avengers: Endgame see’s our hero’s in an epic showdown with Thanos, the evil demigod. Will they prevail?

Eighth Grade (Drama)

Released 26th April 2019 UK (15) 94 Mins

  • Distributor: Sony Pictures
  • Starring Elsie Fisher; Josh Hamilton; Emily Robinson; Jake Ryan;
  • Daniel Zolghadri; Fred Hechinger; Imani Lewis; Luke Prael


Little Woods (Western)

Released 26th April 2019 USA (R) 103 Mins

  • Distributor: Neon
  • Starring Tessa Thompson; Lily James; Luke Kirby;
  • James Badge Dale; Lance Reddick

Final Thought – Cinema Releases 26 April 2019 – & Box Office

It seems every month there’s yet another superhero movie landing at a cinema near you. Can it continue indefinitely? Well the answer is obviously no and in fact Avengers: Endgame may well be the start of the end.

Oh it will make a ton of cash no matter its quality but maybe this film will see several of the actors involved move on and new one’s cast as Hollywood attempts to reboot the various franchises once more.

Then again maybe it will be business as usual; it’s becoming incredibly difficult to predict the movie industry. Are they actually making the superhero movies we all want or have we all become sheep following whatever tosh they produce? Quality and genre fatigue have to matter right?

Whether it’s a superhero or the latest Star Wars film let’s take agenda politics out and put the fun and adventure of great storytelling back in. If a character’s well written trust me nobody cares about the gender, race or sexuality.

That brings me back to Avengers: Endgame I’m yet to see it but I really hope the writers have come up with an entertaining action packed story rather than pushing Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel as being the only superhero that matters as the trailers seem to suggest.

In the end those I could really do with a year without any superhero films and maybe the producers/directors can actually think about entertaining their audiences rather than preaching to them.

Box Office

At the UK box office Shazam! regains top spot from Disney’s Dumbo but there’s not much in it, £979k / £927k.

UK Blu-ray & DVD Charts

Mary Poppins Returns enters at number one in both the UK Blu-ray and DVD charts this week. Tht means Aquaman slips to second spot.

Top 10 Box Office Films (19 April 2019)

What movies/films have we all been watching over the last week, time to find out as we take a look at the Top 10 Box Office Films in both the US and UK.

US Box Office

1NewThe Curse of La LloronaWarner Bros$26,347,631
2(1)Shazam!Warner Bros$16,464,508
3(-)Breakthrough20th Century Fox$11,282,333
4(6)Captain MarvelWalt Disney$9,105,610
6(5)DumboWalt Disney$6,621,260
7(4)Pet SemataryParamount Pictures$4,863,233
9(9)Missing LinkUnited Artists$4,157,285

UK Box Office

1(2)Shazam!Warner Bros£979,787
3(5)Captain MarvelDisney£643,152
4NewKalank20th Century Fox£594,242
5NewRed JoanLionsgate£432,866
7(3)Wonder ParkParamount£297,955
8(6)Wild RoseeOne Films£269,848
9(7)Pet SemataryParamount£259,351

UK Blu-ray/DVD Charts 21 April 2019

Blu-ray Charts

PosLWFilmBuy FromDistributor
1NewMary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney
2(2)AquamanWarner Bros
3(2)Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of GrindelwaldAmazonWarner Bros
4(3)Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)Amazon20th Century Fox
5(4)VenomAmazonSony Pictures
6NewMary Poppins Returns / Mary PoppinsWalt Disney
7(5)Ralph Breaks The InternetWalt Disney
8(10)A Star Is BornWarner Bros
9(12)Avengers - Infinity War (2018)AmazonMarvel
10(13)Solo - A Star Wars StoryAmazonWalt Disney
11(9)Creed IIWarner Bros
12(17)Ant-Man And The WaspAmazonMarvel Films
13(22)Star Wars: The Last JediAmazonWalt Disney
14(11)Robin HoodLionsgate
15Re:King KongUniversal Pictures
16(14)Mission Impossible - Fallout (2018)AmazonParamount
17(30)Game of Thrones - Seasons 1-7Warner Bros
18(21)Incredibles 2 (2018)AmazonWalt Disney
19Re:Pitch BlackUniversal Pictures
20(19)HellboySony Pictures
21(15)Annihilation (2018)Paramount
22(6)Inner Sanctum (Pet Shop Boys)X2
23(31)Christopher Robin (2018)AmazonWalt Disney
24(18)First Man (2018)AmazonUniversal Pictures
25Re:SpartacusUniversal Pictures
26(24)Black Panther (2018)AmazonMarvel
27(23)Hunter Killer (2018)AmazonLionsgate
28(20)Fantastic Beasts-Where To Find/Crimes OfWarner Bros
29(66)Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase OneMarvel
30(16)Pet Sematary (1989)AmazonParamount
31(28)The Greatest ShowmanAmazon20th Century Fox
32(25)Game of Thrones - Season 7Warner Bros
34(37)Coco (2017)Walt Disney
35(27)Jurassic World - Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures
37(29)The Girl In The Spider's Web (2018)Sony Pictures
38(32)Halloween (2018)AmazonUniversal Pictures
39(26)Widows (2018)Amazon20th Century Fox
40(33)Overlord (2018)AmazonParamount
41(35)Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)AmazonSony Pictures
42(38)Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)AmazonUniversal Pictures
45(40)Thor - Ragnarok (2017)AmazonMarvel
47(42)The Meg (2018)AmazonWarner Bros
49(7)AladdinWalt Disney
50NewOne, Two, ThreeEureka Entertainment
51(48)The Predator (2018)Amazon20th Century Fox
53(45)The House With A Clock In Its WallsAmazonEntertainment One
54NewThe Song of BernadetteEureka Entertainment
55(41)Creed / Creed IIWarner Bros
56(53)Blade Runner 2049Sony Pictures
57(8)My Hero Academia - Two HeroesManga Entertainment
60NewBlack Moon RisingArrow Films
61(68)Doctor StrangeAmazonMarvel
63(52)Wonder WomanWarner Bros
64(44)The GrinchAmazonUniversal Pictures
65(55)Captain America: Civil WarAmazonMarvel
69(63)Hellboy 2 - The Golden ArmyUniversal Pictures
72NewTin Star - The Complete Series 2Spirit Entertainment
75(86)John Wick Chapters 1&2AmazonWarner Bros
76(49)2001 - A Space OdysseyWarner Bros
78NewThe Last Temptation of ChristSony Pictures
80NewMr TopazeBFI
83(46)Alien20th Century Fox
88(54)Doctor Who - The Macra TerrorBBC
92(50)The Equalizer 2Sony Pictures
95(84)The Nutcracker and the Four RealmsAmazonWalt Disney
100(82)Bad Times At The El Royale20th Century Fox
Best Buys
Doctor Who - The Collection - Season 18AmazonBBC
The Likely LadsNetwork
Escape From New York (1981)AmazonStudiocanal
Prince of Darkness (1987)AmazonStudiocanal
SuspiriaCult Films
Candyman 2 - Farewell To The Flesh (1995)88 Films
Wheels On Meals (Jackie Chan)AmazonEureka Entertainment
The Ring CollectionAmazonArrow Video
The Fog (1980)AmazonStudiocanal
They Live (1988)AmazonStudiocanal

DVD Charts

PosLWFilmBuy FromDistributor
1NewMary Poppins ReturnsWalt Disney
2(1)AquamanWarner Bros
3(3)Bohemian RhapsodyAmazon20th Century Fox
4(4)Fantastic Beasts - Crimes of GrindelwaldAmazonWarner Bros
5(2)Ralph Breaks The InternetWalt Disney
6(5)A Star Is BornAmazonWarner Bros
7NewMary Poppins Returns/Mary PoppinsWalt Disney
8(6)Christopher RobinAmazonWalt Disney
9(7)VenomAmazonSony Pictures
10(10)Incredibles 2AmazonWalt Disney
11(9)Robin HoodLionsgate
12(8)Creed IIWarner Bros
13(12)The Greatest ShowmanAmazon20th Century Fox
14(13)DumboAmazonWalt Disney
15(11)The GrinchAmazonUniversal Pictures
16(18)Peter RabbitSony Pictures
17(15)Johnny English Strikes AgainAmazonUniversal Pictures
18(19)The House With A Clock In Its WallsAmazonEntertainment One
19(16)MoanaAmazonWalt Disney
20(31)Avengers - Infinity WarAmazonMarvel
21(17)CocoAmazonWalt Disney
22(39)Mary PoppinsWalt Disney
23(22)Mamma Mia - Here We Go AgainAmazonUniversal Pictures
24(21)Fantastic Beasts-Where To Find/Crimes OfWarner Bros
25(25)SmallfootAmazonWarner Bros
26(24)Hotel Transylvania 3AmazonSony Pictures
27(27)The Lion KingWalt Disney
28(49)Goosebumps 2AmazonSony Pictures
29(30)Game of Thrones Season 7Warner Bros
30(32)The MegAmazonWarner Bros
32NewWhite SpaceHigh Fliers
33(29)Jumanji - Welcome To The JungleSony Pictures
34(58)King Of ThievesAmazonStudiocanal
36NewThe Accountant of AuschwitzSignature Entertainment
37(28)Jurassic Park - Fallen KingdomUniversal Pictures
38(26)Mission: Impossible - FalloutAmazonParamount
39NewShetland - The Complete Series 5ITV Studios
41NewD-Day Assassins4Digital Media
43(36)The Nutcracker And The Four RealmsAmazonWalt Disney
45(14)Thee BouncerSpirit Entertainment
48(37)Creed / Creed IIWarner Bros
49(45)Hunter KillerAmazonLionsgate
50(51)Paddington 2Studiocanal
51(33)Wreck-It Ralph/Ralph Breaks The InternetWalt Disney
60(68)Black PantherAmazonMarvel
61(35)The Old Man & The Gun20th Century Fox
64NewThe Doll From The AtticTake 5 Digital
66(59)Halloween (2018)AmazonUniversal Pictures
85(69)PeterlooAmazon20th Century Fox
87(72)First ManAmazonUniversal Pictures
93NewThe Thirteenth TaleIMC Vision
100(81)Crazy Rich AsiansWarner Bros
Best Buys
Doctor Who - The Macra TerrorBBC
Call The Midwife - Series 8/ChristmasAmazonBBC
Thor RagnarokAmazonMarvel
Endeavour - The Complete Sixth SeriesAmazonITV Studios
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Series TwoSpirit Entertainment