Cinema Releases December 23-31 2016

Cinema Releases: Passengers

Heading to the cinema this weekend? Well let me take you through the weeks new releases. Theses are the cinema releases December 23 -31 2016 for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

This week sees the release of Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt in the UK & US.

Cinema Releases



Passengers (Sci-fi Adventure)

Released 21st/23rd December 2016 US/UK (PG-13/15) 120 Mins

Starring Jennifer Lawrence ; Chris Pratt ; Michael Sheen ; Laurence Fishburne : Andy Garcia

When two passengers on route to a new life on another planet are awakened 90 years before they reach their destination, they need to find out why.

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Assassin’s Creed (Action)

Released 21st December 2016 US (PG-13) 140 Mins

Starring Michael Fassbender ; Marion Cotillard ; Jeremy Irons ; Brendan Gleeson ; Michael K. Williams

Big screen version of the popular video game series.


Sing (Animated Adventure)

Released 21st December 2016 US (PG) 110 Mins

Starring Scarlett Johansson ; Matthew McConaughey ; Taron Egerton ; Reese Witherspoon ; Nick Offerman ; Seth MacFarlane




Why Him? (Comedy)

Released 25/30th December 2016 US/UK (R/15) 120 Mins

Starring James Franco ; Bryan Cranston ; Zoey Deutch ; Megan Mullally ; Griffin Gluck ; Keegan-Michael Key

When a dad travels with his family to visit his daughter at college he finds he has a rival for her affections in the form of a tech billionaire boyfriend.


Collateral Beauty (Drama)

Released 26/30th December 2016 UK (12A) 97 Mins

Starring Starring Will Smith ; Edward Norton ; Keira Knightley ; Michael Peña ; Naomie Harris ; Jacob Latimore ; Kate Winslet ;  Helen Mirren

Will Smith plays a New York advertising executive on a downward spiral


Monster Trucks (Adventure, Comedy)

Released 26/30th December 2016 UK (PG) 105 Mins

Starring Starring Lucas Till; Jane Levy; Thomas Lennon; Holt McCallany; Samara Weaving; Aliyah O’Brien

High school senior Tripp (Lucas Till) decides to build a Monster Truck from old scrapped cars, however following an incident at a local oil drilling facility his truck will never be the same again.


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