Cinema Releases February 16 2018 including Marvel’s Black Panther

Guess which superhero movie is out this week in both the United Kingdom and United States? The answer is of course Marvel’s Black Panther that stars Chadwick Boseman. Surprisingly there are in fact several other releases out this week. One of those is drama The Shape Of Water or how about the comedy Father Figures starring Christopher Walken and Owen Wilson both of which hit UK cinemas on Friday. You probably need to see some film trailers right? No problem we have all of them below. These are the cinema releases for February 16 2018 for the UK & US.

Cinema Releases February 16 2018

Black Panther (Action)

Released 16th February 2018 UK/US (12A/PG-13) 134 Mins
  • Starring Chadwick Boseman; Michael B. Jordan; Lupita Nyong’o; Danai Gurira;
  • Martin Freeman; Daniel Kaluuya; Letitia Wright

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Father Figures (Comedy)

Released 16th February 2018 UK (15) 113 Mins
  • Starring Christopher Walken; J.K. Simmons; Owen Wilson;
  • Ed Helms; Glenn Close; Ving Rhames


The Shape Of Water (Drama)

Released 16th February 2018 UK (15) 123 Mins
  • Starring Michael Shannon; Doug Jones; Michael Stuhlbarg; Sally Hawkins;
  • Octavia Spencer; Richard Jenkins


Recent UK Blu-rays / DVDs


Early Man (Adventure)

Released 16th February 2018 US (PG) 89 Mins
  • Voiced By: Eddie Redmayne; Tom Hiddleston; Maisie Williams


Samson (Drama)

Released 16th February 2018 US (PG-13) 109 Mins
  • Starring Taylor James; Jackson Rathbone; Billy Zane


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