Cinema Releases June 15 2018 – Hereditary

Horror film Hereditary has been receiving high praise by quite a few film critics and it hits UK cinemas this Friday so this one might very well be worth a look.

Meanwhile in the USA the big movie release of the week has to be Disney’s animated adventure Incredibles 2.

Time now to take a closer look at both films plus the rest of the week’s new releases; here are the cinema releases June 15 2018 for the United Kingdom & United States.

Cinema Releases June 15 2018

Hereditary (Horror)

Released 15th June 2018 UK (15) 127 Mins

  • Distributor: Entertainment Film
  • Starring Toni Collette; Alex Wolff; Milly Shapiro; Ann Dowd; Gabriel Byrne

Looking for something to watch? Check out these Blu-ray releases:

Super Troopers 2 (Comedy)

Released 15th June 2018 UK (15) 99 Mins

  • Distributor: 20th Century Fox
  • Starring Seann William Scott; Clifton Collins Jr.; Jay Chandrasekhar;
  • Kevin Heffernan; Steve Lemme; Erik Stolhanske
  • Trailer contains strong language

The Happy Prince (Drama)

Released 15th June 2018 UK (15) 105 Mins

  • Distributor: Lionsgate
  • Starring Rupert Everett; Colin Firth; Emily Watson;
  • Colin Morgan; Edwin Thomas; Tom Wilkinson

Superfly (Action)

Released 13th June 2018 US (R) 116 Mins

  • Distributor: Sony Pictures
  • Starring Trevor Jackson; Jason Mitchell; Michael Kenneth Williams;
  • Lex Scott Davis; Jennifer Morrison

Incredibles 2 (Adventure)

Released 15th June 2018 US (PG) 118 Mins

  • Distributor: Walt Disney
  • Voiced by Holly Hunter; Craig T. Nelson; Sarah Vowell;
  • Huck Milner; Samuel L. Jackson

Tag (Comedy)

Released 15th June 2018 US (R) 100 Mins

  • Distributor: Warner Bros
  • Starring Ed Helms; Jake Johnson; Annabelle Wallis; Hannibal Buress;
  • Isla Fisher; Rashida Jones; Leslie Bibb; Jon Hamm; Jeremy Renner

Top 10 Box Office Films

What movies/films have we all been watching over the last week, time to find out as we take a look at the Top 10 Box Office Films in both the US and UK.


1NewOcean’s 8Warner Bros$41,607,378
2(1)Solo: A Star Wars StoryWalt Disney$15,748,575
3(2)Deadpool 220th Century Fox$14,148,517
5(4)Avengers: Infinity War WaltDisney$7,238,699
6(3)AdriftSTX Entertainment$5,272,040
7(5)Book ClubParamount Pictures$4,285,456
8NewHotel ArtemisGlobal Road$3,232,790
9(6)UpgradeBH Tilt$2,384,415
10(7)Life of the PartyWarner Bros$2,167,142


1NewJurassic World: Fallen KingdomUniversal£14,334,894
2(1)Solo: A Star Wars StoryDisney£1,192,220
3(2)Deadpool 220th Century Fox£1,182,010
4(5)Book ClubParamount£507,917
5(3)Avengers: Infinity WarDisney£406,119
6(4)Sherlock GnomesParamount£301,555
7(8)Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Secret Cinema 2018)Warner Bros£226,459
8(6)Show DogseOne Films£201,435

Comment by Dr. Loomis (Cinema Releases June 15 2018)

My pick of this week’s selection is going to have to be the horror film Hereditary, that’s the one I intend to see in any case.

Unfortunately there seems to be a real problem these days especially in America of turning out conveyor belt comedy movies and I use the word comedy very loosely. The UK has the rather awful Super Troopers 2 which I predict will flop badly at the UK box office.

Meanwhile the US has Tag another cringeworthy looking film. It’s time to invest in some quality writing, acting and all-round filmmaking as I really do think most studio executives think their audiences have a really low IQ which is clearly not the case.