Cinema Releases March 23 2018 including Pacific Rim: Uprising

This week’s big action blockbuster is Pacific Rim: Uprising which lands in cinemas on both sides of the Atlantic although the overall opinion on this one seems to be a fairly average film at best.

Maybe a better choice is the horror/thriller Unsane starring Claire Foy which also releases in both UK and USA. In any case there are quite a few new releases to choose from this week so let’s take a closer look at each of them. These are the cinema releases for March 23 2018.

Cinema Releases March 23 2018

A Wrinkle in Time (Adventure)

Released 23rd March 2018 UK (PG) 110 Mins

  • Starring Oprah Winfrey; Reese Witherspoon; Mindy Kaling; Gugu Mbatha-Raw;
  • Michael Peña; Storm Reid; Zach Galifianakis; Chris Pine

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Pacific Rim: Uprising (Action Adventure)

Released 23rd March 2018 UK/US (12A/PG-13) 111 Mins

Proud Mary (Action, Drama)

Released 23rd March 2018 UK (15) 89 Mins

  • Starring Taraji P. Henson; Billy Brown; Jahi Di’Allo Winston;
  • Neal McDonough; Margaret Avery; Xander Berkeley

Unsane (Horror, Thriller)

Released 23rd March 2018 UK/US (15/R) 98 Mins

  • Starring Claire Foy; Juno Temple; Jay Pharaoh;
  • Joshua Leonard; Aimee Mullins

Midnight Sun (Romantic Drama)

Released 23rd March 2018 US (PG-13) 91 Mins

  • Starring Bella Thorne; Patrick Schwarzenegger; Rob Riggle; Quinn Shephard

Paul, Apostle of Christ (Biblical Drama)

Released 23rd March 2018 US (PG-13) 106 Mins

  • Starring Jim Caviezel; Olivier Martinez; James Faulkner;
  • Joanne Whalley; John Lynch

Sherlock Gnomes (Animated Adventure)

Released 23rd March 2018 US (PG) TBC Mins

  • Voiced by James McAvoy; Emily Blunt; Chiwetel Ejiofor;
  • Mary J. Blige; Johnny Depp

Top 10 Box Office Films

What movies/films have we all been watching over the last week, time to find out as we take a look at the Top 10 Box Office Films in both the US and UK.


1(1)Black PantherWalt Disney$26,650,690
2NewTomb RaiderWarner Bros$23,633,317
3NewI Can Only ImagineRoadside Attractions$17,099,151
4(2)A Wrinkle in TimeWalt Disney$16,256,879
5NewLove, Simon20th Century Fox$11,756,244
6(5)Game NightWarner Bros$5,602,230
7(6)Peter RabbitSony Pictures$5,201,647
8(3)The Strangers: Prey at NightAviron Pictures$4,701,089
9(4)Red Sparrow20th Century Fox$4,531,187
10(7)Death WishMGM$3,368,565


1NewPeter RabbitSony Pictures£7,273,207
2NewTomb RaiderWarner Bros£3,081,916
3(1)Black PantherDisney£1,881,691
4(2)The Greatest Showman20th Century Fox£1,059,983
5(3)Red Sparrow20th Century Fox£588,634
6(4)Game NightWarner Bros£540,977
7(5)Lady BirdUniversal£293,131
8(7)The Shape of Water20th Century Fox£289,641
9(6)Finding Your FeeteOne Films£285,202
10NewMy GenerationLionsgate£259,990
Other Films
11NewMary MagdaleneUniversal£238,924

Comment by Dr. Loomis (Cinema Releases March 23 2018)

Quite a busy week of releases however I’m struggling to find anything that will drag me to my local cinema.  For instance Pacific Rim: Uprising just looks like every other Hollywood, film all action and effects but no compelling or thought-provoking plotline. 

The characters seem to be mere clones of every other big blockbuster franchise, is it really too much to ask to add a little more depth to these mainstream movies?