Cinema Releases March 24 2017 – Will it be Life or CHiPs?

Cinema Releases: CHiPs: Law And Disorder

Heading to the cinema this weekend? No worries as we will take you through the weeks new releases along with film trailer. So on to the cinema releases March 24 2017 for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

This week sees the release of CHiPs: Law And Disorder in UK & US. Other releases include the sci-fi horror Life (UK & US).

Cinema Releases



CHiPs: Law And Disorder (Crime, Comedy)

Released 24th March 2017 UK/US (15/R) 101 Mins
  • Starring Michael Peña; Dax Shepard; Jessica McNamee
  • Adam Brody; Ryan Hansen; Vincent D’Onofrio

Two motorcycle cops are partnered together one an inexperienced rookie and the other a hardened pro.
If you remember CHiPs the 70s/80s US television show don’t expect this new film to be anything like, this is a comedy of sorts.




Life (Sci-fi, Horror, Thriller)

Released 24th March 2017 UK/US (15/TBC) 104 Mins
  • Starring Jake Gyllenhaal; Rebecca Ferguson; Ryan Reynolds
  • Hiroyuki Sanada; Ariyon Bakare; Olga Dihovichnaya

Aboard a space station are six astronauts who are examining a sample collected from Mars that may provide evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The sample is found to contain a large, single-celled organism however is everything really as it seems? What if the life form is more intelligent than expected?


Another Mothers Son (Drama)

Released 24th March 2017 UK (12A) 103 Mins
  • Starring Jenny Seagrove; John Hannah; Julian Kostov

Set on Jersey, 1942. With The Channel Islands occupied by the Germans the residents face a test of their loyalties. Louisa Gould (Jenny Seagrove) refuses to give up hope for the island and for her sons who are away fighting.


The Lost City Of Z (Drama)

Released 24th March 2017 UK (15) 141 Mins
  • Starring Tom Holland; Charlie Hunnam; Sienna Miller; Robert Pattinson
  • Angus Macfadyen; Daniel Huttlestone; Edwrad Ashley

Based on a true story, British explorer Percy Fawcett travels to the Amazon at the beginning of the 20th century. He finds evidence of an advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region.




Power Rangers (Action, Adventure)

Released 24th March 2017 UK/US (12A/PG-13) 124 Mins
  • Starring Bryan Cranston; Elizabeth Banks; Naomi Scott


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