Cinema Releases September 8 2017

Stephen King’s IT will soon be dominating the cinemas in the United Kingdom, USA , Australia and New Zealand. These are the cinema releases for September 8 2017 along with their movie trailers.

Cinema Releases September 8 2017

IT (Horror)

Released 8th September 2017 UK/US (15/R) 135 Mins

  • Starring Bill Skarsgård; Jaeden Lieberher; Finn Wolfhard

Looking for something to watch? Check out these Blu-ray releases:

Wind River (Crime, Action)

Released 8th September 2017 UK (15) 107 Mins

  • Starring Kelsey Asbille; Jeremy Renner; Julia Jones

9/11 (Drama)

Released 8th September 2017 US (R) 90 Mins

  • Starring Charlie Sheen; Gina Gershon; Luis Guzmán;
  • Wood Harris; Olga Fonda; Jacqueline Bisset; Whoopi Goldberg

Home Again (Romantic Comedy)

Released 8th September 2017 US (PG-13) TBC Mins

  • Starring Reese Witherspoon; Nat Wolff; Jon Rudnitsky;
  • Pico Alexander; Michael Sheen; Candice Bergen

Movie Releases Down Under


Released AU/NZ 7th September 2017 135 Mins (Horror/Thriller)

Birth of the Dragon

Released AU 7th September 2017 103 Mins (Action/Drama)

The Dinner

Released AU 7th September 2017 121 Mins (Drama/Thriller)

The Glass Castle

Released AU 7th September 2017 127 Mins (Drama)

Tommy’s Honour

Released AU 7th September 2017 112 Mins (Drama)

6 Days

Released NZ 7th September 2017 95 Mins (Action)

Top 10 Box Office Films

What movies/films have we all been watching over the last week, time to find out as we take a look at the Top 10 Box Office Films in both the US and UK.

US Box Office

1(1)The Hitman’s BodyguardLionsgate$10,536,010
2(2)Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros$7,506,234
3(4)Wind RiverWeinstein Co$6,237,517
4(3)Leap!Weinstein Co$4,845,793
5(5)Logan LuckyBleecker Street$4,421,125
6(6)DunkirkWarner Bros$4,373,281
7(7)Spider-Man: HomecomingSony Pictures$3,684,189
8(13)Despicable Me 3Universal$2,501,280
9(10)The Emoji MovieSony Pictures$2,464,948
10(11)Girls TripUniversal$2,305,780

UK Box Office

1(1)American MadeUniversal£968,068
2(2)DunkirkWarner Bros£935,980
3(3)The Hitman's BodyguardLionsgate£718,328
4(5)The Emoji MovieSony Pictures£716,139
5(4)Logan LuckyStudioCanal£632,648
6(6)Annabelle: CreationWarner Bros£572,226
7(8)Despicable Me 3Universal£515,332
8(7)DetroiteOne Films£491,311
9NewThe Limehouse GolemLionsgate£371,412
10(9)Girls TripUniversal£272,039

Comment By Dr. Loomis

Well it’s an easy choice this week (pun intended) as the big release in both the UK and US is the film IT based on the Stephen King story. That’s my pick of the week and the one I’ll be going to see.