Colin Baker Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray Available To Pre-Order

The BBC has been giving classic Doctor Who the Blu-ray treatment with several series already out. Next to get the special treatment is Colin Baker’s Doctor Who season 23 Blu-ray. It’s out on the 23rd September 2019.

As with previous releases you can expect plenty of extras including many familiar faces such as Nicola Bryant.

Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who Season 10 lands on 8th July 2019 whilst Tom Baker has already had two series remastered.

Peter Davison’s season 19 came out December 2018 and it looks like sales are strong as the BBC continue to release further series.

Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray

Anyway Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray is available to pre-order now. You can purchase it from I’ll drop a link below:

Colin Baker Doctor Who Season 23 Blu-ray

You can pre-order now from

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The Tom Baker releases seem to be the most popular with the first release selling out quite quickly. Presumably the BBC has increased the amount of copies following this success.

In any case it may be best to pre-order these when your favourite Doctor receives the Blu-ray upgrade.