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We are also interested in films that are getting digitally restored on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray or DVD, so please feel free to contact us with news of any movies your company may be releasing remastered.

Is you new film releasing soon? Do you want it to be featured or reviewed by Popcorn Cinema Show? If so you can and send your screener links for review purposes to: or other promotional material.

Popcorn Cinema Show aims to support the smaller independent film production companies as well as covering the larger studio movies. We love the movies it’s our passion so we are happy to take the time to review the latest releases so we can pass on our verdict to our readers / fellow movie fans.

If you’re a reader of Popcorn Cinema and wish to suggests ways to improve the website we would love to hear. Just keep your comments constructive and polite, after all we want to provide you with the best site possible!

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