Cujo Blu-ray Review – Decent 1983 Stephen King Film Adaptation?

I love a good Stephen King story and I like most of the film and television adaptations of his work. So with that said here’s my Cujo blu-ray Review.

Cujo is the story of a family dog turn rabid monster. Eureka Entertainment brought out a limited edition blu-ray back in 2019 and the standard edition followed in January 2020. I think it’s high time I gave them a closer look and check on the picture quality.

  • Cujo (1983)
  • Genre: Horror
  • Directed by Lewis Teague
  • UK Rating 18
  • Discs: 2 or 1 Disc Versions
  • Released By Eureka Entertainment
  • Blu-ray Released: 29 April 2019 (2 Disc) / 27 January 2020 (Single Disc)
Cujo Blu-ray Review


Family dog Cujo is bitten by a bat causing him to become rabid. He turns on his owner and anyone else who comes close.

Style / Direction

Lewis Teague directs whilst Jan de Bont took on the director of photography duties and is the one responsible for the cinematography.

Music / Audio Effects

The film’s score is provided by Charles Bernstein.

Acting / Characters

The acting all-round is decent and it should be with the cast assembled. Dee Wallace has the most to do even if it is being stuck in a car far half of the movie. She plays it well enough going through a range of emotions from being just plain scared to worry and finally anger.


  • Dee Wallace as Donna Trenton
  • Danny Pintauro as Tad Trenton
  • Daniel Hugh-Kelly as Vic Trenton
  • Christopher Stone as Steve Kemp
  • Ed Lauter as Joe Camber
  • Kaiulani Lee as Charity Camber
  • Billy Jacoby as Brett Camber
  • Mills Watson as Gary Pervier
  • Jerry Hardin as Masen
  • Sandy Ward as Sheriff George Bannerman
  • Arthur Rosenberg as Roger Breakstone

Conclusion: Cujo (1983) Film Review

Cujo is a decent enough horror but it’s certainly not one my favourite Stephen King stories. That said the film ticks off all the main requirements for this sort of movie and does so competently.

Cujo Blu-ray Review

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Conclusion: Cujo Blu-ray Review

Apart from a couple of annoying marks the image is pretty good. Its sharp and the increased resolution definitely benefit the enjoyment of this horror cult classic.

There are two versions of Cujo on blu-ray, a two disc limited edition that comes with a few more extras or the single disc which is still widely available.

Personally I’d be more than happy with the single disc version. Sometimes there can be too many extras that simply retread old ground. Either way I can’t fault Eureka Entertainment on their feature set.


Disc One

  • Audio commentary by Lee Gambin, author of Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo
  • Interview with Dee Wallace (40 mins)
  • Interview with composer Charles Bernstein (35 mins)
  • Interview with stuntman Gary Morgan (25 mins)
  • Interview with stuntwoman Jean Coulter (21 mins)
  • Interview with casting director Marcia Ross (20 mins)
  • Interview with visual effects artist Kathie Lawrence (13 mins)
  • Interview with special effects designer Robert Clark (12 mins)
  • Interview with dog trainer Teresa Miller (28 mins)
  • Dog Days: The Making of Cujo archival documentary on the film s production (42 mins)
  • Trailers and TV Spots

Disc Two Disc Extras

  • Q&A with Dee Wallace – Cinemaniacs & Monster Fest 2015 (96)
  • Interview with Kim Newman (25 mins)

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Cujo Blu-ray Review

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Cujo (1983)




Cujo (1983) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip representative of the blu-ray version

That concludes my Cujo blu-ray review, I’m aiming to review more Stephen King film adaptations soon. What’s next? Check back soon.

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Summary: Cujo (1983) Blu-ray Review
Cujo Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Cujo (1983)

Duration: 93 mins

Author: Stephen King

Director(s): Lewis Teague

Actor(s): Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Christopher Stone, Ed Lauter, Kaiulani Lee, Billy Jacoby, Mills Watson, Jerry Hardin, Sandy Ward, Arthur Rosenberg

Genre: Horror

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Picture Rating
  • Extras


Stephen King’s cult horror Cujo is still a worrying movie all these years later


  • Stephen King Story
  • Fabulous Set of Blu-ray Extras


  • Picture Quality Could Be Better