Dying of the Light Blu-ray Review – 2014 Nic Cage Revenge Thriller

Are you ready for yet another Nicolas Cage movie? Of course you are, this time its the psychological thriller, Dying of the Light that sees Nicolas Cage in a role that at first appears familar. Is it worth a purchase? Let’s take a look, so without further ado here’s my Dying of the Light blu-ray review.

  • Dying of the Light (2014)
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Directed by Paul Schrader
  • UK Rating 18
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Signature Entertainment
  • Blu-ray Released: 2 March 2015


CIA Evan Lake is determined to bring a terrorist that tortured him 22 year earlier to justice. However Evan is no longer the man he was.

Style / Direction

The films directed by Paul Schrader whilst Gabriel Kosuth is responsible for the cinematography.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provided by Frederik Wiedmann.

Acting / Characters

Nicolas Cage is sensational as a CIA agent hell-bent on bringing a terrorist to justice. However he is dealt a major blow following a diagnosis of frontal dementia. He plays this brilliantly and his performance really makes the film.

Backing up Cage is Anton Yelchin as Milton Schultz a CIA operative. He see’s Cage’s character as a mentor and the two work well together. Yelchin has a strange quiet way about him which actually works extremely well.


  • Nicolas Cage as Evan Lake
  • Anton Yelchin as Milton Schultz
  • Irène Jacob as Michelle Zuberain
  • Alexander Karim as Muhammad Banir
  • Adetomiwa Edun as Mbui
  • Geff Francis as Dr. Clayborne
  • Silas Carson as Dr. Sanjar

Conclusion: Dying of the Light (2014) Film Review

Nicolas Cage’s performance makes this film well worth a look. That said the actual story is a compelling one that’s well told. Add this movie to your to must see list.

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Conclusion: Dying of the Ligh Blu-ray Review

There are no issues to report in the picture quality department being a film from 2014. Like with other Nic Cage releases there are no extras included. That said I’m fine with that as long as the films keep releasing on blu-ray.

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Dying of the Light (2014)




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Dying of the Light Blu-ray Review

Dying of the Light (2014) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip may not be representative of the blu-ray version

That concludes my Dying of the Light blu-ray review, I’m aiming to review more Nicolas Cage movies soon. What’s next? Check back soon…

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Summary: Dying of the Light (2014) Blu-ray Review
Dying of the Light Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Dying of the Light (2014)

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Paul Schrader

Actor(s): Nicolas Cage, Anton Yelchin, Irène Jacob, Alexander Karim

Genre: Psychological Thriller

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Picture Rating


Nicolas Cage is simply brilliant as a CIA agent struggling with dementia.