Father Brown Series 9 Arrives on Blu-ray & DVD

Fans of the rather excellent BBC television series Father Brown will be pleased to know that the Father Brown Series 9 blu-ray & DVD are coming soon. In fact they release on Monday the 14th February 2022 in the UK.

Father Brown is a character created by writer G.K. Chesterton and stars Mark Williams in the lead role. It’s about a crime solving priest set in the 1950’s.

Father Brown Series 9 Blu-ray / DVD

What’s notable about this series is its one of the few TV series that still receives a blu-ray release in the UK. Many shows just get the basic DVD only release.

Series 9 has 10 episodes and can be pre-order now. Prices on Amazon (as of 02.02.22) has the blu-ray at £22.99 and the DVD at £17.99.

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