Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review – Fabulous 1972 Hammer Psychological Horror

It’s time for the Fear in the Night blu-ray review. I’m continuing on with my look at the recently released classic Hammer films by Studiocanal and there is more good news as their next batch of titles is coming end the end of the month. 

The Blu-ray I’m reviewing here is a smaller lesser known one but it does have the great Hammer legend Peter Cushing appearing in it.  Fear in the Night (1972) is a psychological horror that boasts a terrific cast of Judy Geeson, Joan Collins, Ralph Bates and Peter Cushing.  Have Studiocanal continued their run of excellent Blu-ray releases? 

  • Fear in the Night (1972)
  • UK Rating 12
  • Discs: 2 (Blu-ray & DVD)
  • Released By 30 October 2017
  • Blu-ray Released: Studiocanal
Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review


Twenty two year old Peggy (Judy Geeson) has just got married to Robert (Ralph Bates) a schoolteacher after four months of knowing each other.  She leaves London to start at new life in the country at a private school in which Robert works.  The school is run by headmaster Michael Carmichael (Peter Cushing) although Peggy is about to find out all is not as it seems.  Having previously suffered a nervous breakdown she finds herself attacked on her last night in London only to find her friends and new husband unconvinced that the attack really took place at all.

Will the new start help Peggy put the vicious attack behind her or will she lose her mind…

Style / Direction

The film is directed by Jimmy Sangster with the cinematography handled by Arthur Grant.  In fact Jimmy Sangster also along wrote the film along with Michael Syson.

The look and feel is definitely Hammer horror although Fear In The Night is more of a psychological horror more in the same vein as say Paranoiac (1963) that starred Janette Scott and Oliver Reed.   It’s set around a private school and grounds for the most part and the location certainly adds to the overall feeling of mystery.

In order to make this kind of film work the tension needs to be slowly brought to the climax, this is something Fear In The Night gets absolutely spot on along with the pacing which makes for an incredibly entertaining horror film.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provided by John McCabe and feels right for this psychological horror, it’s very tense and full of suspense.  Whilst it’s not one Hammers most recognisable scores it works extremely well to convey all of the intrigue and suspense.

Acting / Characters

The cast is small with only four main characters that said they are four terrific actors.  Judy Geeson plays the main role of Peggy, everything revolves around her and we see the film through her eyes for the most part.  I have to say I think she is excellent as the young and innocent new wife who then discovers all is not quite what it seems.  This in turn changes her mental state and Geeson really portrays this side of her character extremely well.

Ralph Bates plays Peggy’s husband Robert and appears to be the loving and caring perfect guy something he plays to perfection.  There is of course more to Robert than meets the eye and Bates buts in a typically good performance that certainly enhances the film.

There’s even a role for Joan Collins as Molly, Michael Carmichael’s wife.  That said there is one name that has any Hammer fan interested and that has to be the Hammer legend Peter Cushing.  He plays the headmaster Michael Carmichael and lives in a kind of fantasy world, nevertheless he is outstanding in the few scenes he appears in.

All of the main characters put in excellent performances that help to make the film’s story become really enthralling.


  • Judy Geeson as Peggy Heller
  • Joan Collins as Molly Carmichael
  • Peter Cushing as Michael Carmichael
  • Ralph Bates as Robert Heller
  • James Cossins as The Doctor
  • Gillian Lind as Mrs. Beamish

Conclusion: Fear in the Night (1972) Film Review

Fear in the Night is Hammer returning to the psychological horror and it really works well.  Judy Geeson as the main character really impresses and has your sympathy throughout due to the weird scenario she finds herself in.  Peter Cushing adds the Hammer stardust to really make the film better than it perhaps is.  I’ve always enjoyed this one although it’s not one of the better known films its one I whole heartedly think horror fans should take a look at.

Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review

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Conclusion: Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review

Yet again Studiocanal impresses with another Hammer Blu-ray release.  Fear In The Night’s picture quality is simply perfect.  I have zero complaints as the image is clean and sharp the colours look right and there’s not a speck of dirt anywhere to be found.  Another excellent job!

On the extras front there is a rather nice 17 minute documentary “End Of Term: Inside Fear In The Night” that gives plenty of insight into the making of this classic psychological horror.


  • End Of Term: Inside Fear In The Night (17 mins)
  • Original Trailer

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Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review (1972)

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Fear in the Night (1972)





Fear in the Night (1972) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

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Summary: Fear in the Night (1972) Blu-ray Review
Fear in the Night Blu-ray Review (1972)

Movie title: Fear in the Night (1972)

Duration: 94 mins

Director(s): Jimmy Sangster

Actor(s): Judy Geeson, Ralph Bates, Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, James Cossins

Genre: Psychological Horror

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Fear in the Night is a terrific psychological horror with Judy Geeson putting in an outstanding performance. Studiocanal’s Blu-ray not only has perfect picture quality but very interesting extras.