Flight Blu-ray Review – Can an alcoholic drug taking pilot save the day?

Are you ready for another Denzel Washington film? This one’s from 2012 and sees him play an airline pilot. However the plane is about to crash, what can he do? Let’s find out, so without further ado here’s my Flight blu-ray review.

  • Flight (2012)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Directed by Robert Zemeckis
  • UK Rating 15
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Paramount
  • Blu-ray Released: 3 June 2013


Denzel Washington stars as an alcoholic drug taking pilot whose life is turned upside down following a plane crash.

Style / Direction

The films directed by Robert Zemeckis whilst the cinematography is handled by Don Burgess.

Music / Audio Effects

The music score comes from Alan Silvestri. It’s probably fair to say the film comes with a suitably appropriate soundtrack that really combines the comedy with the serious drama to great affect.

Acting / Characters

The casting of Washington, Don Cheadle and John Goodman really make this movie work. There’s both seriousness and a bizarre comedic theme running through this story. The acting as you might expect from a cast like this is exceptional.

Washington in particular is outstanding as he first plays an alcoholic drug taking pilot that is actually brilliant at flying even when under the influence. However following the crash his character is forced to re-evaluate his life and the deaths of the passengers and crew aboard his plane.

Meanwhile Kelly Reilly plays Nicole Maggen a heroin addict. She befriends Denzel Washington’s character is also brilliant. She and Whip begin a relationship but it’s a dangerous one as both are addicts.


  • Denzel Washington as William “Whip” Whitaker, Sr.
  • Don Cheadle as Hugh Lang
  • Kelly Reilly as Nicole Maggen
  • Bruce Greenwood as Charlie Anderson
  • John Goodman as Harling Mays
  • Melissa Leo as Ellen Block
  • Tamara Tunie as Margaret Thomason
  • Nadine Velazquez as Katerina Márquez
  • Brian Geraghty as Ken Evans
  • Peter Gerety as Avington Carr
  • Garcelle Beauvais as Deana Coleman

Conclusion: Flight (2012) Film Review

Flight somehow manages to take a pretty serious subject, a plane crash and make it emotionally upsetting whilst also having a comedic vibe around the main character. Oh and let’s not forget John Goodman’s character whom also provides plenty of comedy.

I highly recommend taking a look at this film it’s pretty awesome. Simply put it’s a must see!

flight blu-ray review

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Conclusion: Flight Blu-ray Review

There’s really nothing to complain about in terms of picture quality but then the film only came out in 2012. On the extras side there’s actually a lot of interesting stuff. For instance Origins of Flight is of particular interest.


  • Origins Of Flight (10 mins)
  • The Making Of Flight (12 mins)
  • Anatomy Of A Plane Crash (8 mins)
  • Q&A Highlights (14 mins)

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Flight (2012)





If you fancy giving this a look the Flight (2012) Blu-ray is available now from Amazon.

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Flight Blu-ray Review

Flight (2012) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip not representative of the blu-ray version

That just about concludes my Flight blu-ray review. I’m aiming to review at least one Denzel Washington film a week for the next few months.

What’s next? Check back soon and remember to join us in supporting physical media be it 4K, standard bluray or DVD.

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Summary: Flight (2012) Blu-ray Review
Flight Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Flight (2012)

Duration: 138 mins

Director(s): Robert Zemeckis

Actor(s): Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Kelly Reilly, John Goodman, Bruce Greenwood, Melissa Leo

Genre: Drama

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  • Blu-ray Picture Rating
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Denzel Washington is amazing as an alcoholic drug taking pilot whose life is turned upside down.