Ghost In The Water (1982) DVD Review – BBC Television Supernatrual Story

Do you remember watching the BBC television supernatrual story Ghost In The Water from 1982? 

The late seventies and early eighties produced some really special TV programs some of which have not been seen for many years and worse still have largely been forgotten about. 

Thankfully Simply Media has delved into the archives and dug out this little gem and made it available to everyone on DVD.  What’s the story about, let’s find out here’s my Ghost In The Water DVD Review.

  • Ghost In The Water (1982)
  • Television: Supernatural / Ghost Story
  • UK Rating 12
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Simply Media
  • Blu-ray Released: 5th February 2018


When Tess and David are given a school assignment looking into the death of a young woman in the 1860’s Tess begins to sense a link to the departed victim. 

Aided by her friend David she begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the young woman’s apparent suicide.

Style / Direction

Ghost In The Water was directed by Renny Rye who would later go on to direct the magnificent TV series The Box of Delights

There is no doubting Ghost In The Water is shot very well with some nice camera angles helping to create that uncomfortable and unnerving feeling.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provides an unnerving and tense feeling which suits this supernatural tale perfectly.

Acting / Characters

Judith Allchurch plays the main character a fourteen year old schoolgirl named Tess who is determined to find out the true cause of the death of a young woman in the 1860’s. 

She is helped by her school friend David and the two become obsessed with finding the truth, however none more than Tess who seems to have a family connection.

These two actors do a good job and keep you invested in the storyline.

  • Judith Allchurch as Tess
  • Ian Stevens as David

Conclusion: Ghost In The Water (1982) Television Review

Ghost In The Water aired on the BBC in 1982 on New Years Eve.  I grew-up watching things like Ghost In The Water on television during the eighties and there’s no doubt a lot of filmmakers that are aiming for the older children’s audience could learn a lot from this little gem. 

You simply have nothing like this made anymore and it’s a real shame, I suppose that in the seventies and eighties a lot of older Children’s television was a lot more adult in nature and maybe that’s why they hold up so well all these years later.

Conclusion: Ghost In The Water DVD Review

This new DVD release whilst far from looking perfect is more than watchable.  It suffers from quite a bit of noise and there are marks throughout.  However the mere fact that it has been released in the first place is a cause for celebration.

I applaud Simply Media for making this available on DVD and hope they can bring a few more gems like this to DVD in the future.

If you happened to grow-up in the eighties then Ghost In The Water is a must see.  On the extras front there is a three minute clip from Blue Peter featuring a preview.


  • Blue Peter Archive Clip (3 mins)
  • On to my rating for Ghost In The Water (1982)

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Ghost In The Water DVD Review (1982)

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Ghost In The Water (1982)


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Summary: Ghost In The Water (1982) Television DVD Review
Ghost In The Water DVD Review (1982)

Movie title: Ghost In The Water (1982) Television

Duration: 49 mins

Director(s): Renny Rye

Actor(s): Judith Allchurch, Ian Stevens, Jane Freeman, Dave Mitty, Joanne James, Hilary Mason

Genre: Supernatural

  • Ghost In The Water


A cracking little ghost story as seen on BBC television in 1982.