Ghostbusters Movie Trailer

Ghostbusters Movie Trailer (Action, Comedy) 2016

Check out the new Ghostbusters movie trailer

  • Starring Melissa McCarthy ; Kristen Wiig ; Kate McKinnon ; Leslie Jones ; Charles Dance ; Michael Kenneth Williams ; Chris Hemsworth ghostbusters movie trailer
  • Directed by Paul Feig
  • Written by Paul Feig & Katie Dippold
  • Release Date: 15th July 2016

Are you looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie? This is not a remake as such more a continuation from the previous films albeit in a totally rebooted way, a female lead cast being the most notable.  So who are you gonna call?

Update:  Check out the latest trailer, Ghostbusters Trailer 2

First Trailer

So when do you get to see all this comedy action from the new Ghostbusters film? Well it’s slated for 15 July 2016 in theatres in the US and the UK.


Well first things first, like most people who loved the Ghostbusters films I thought why would you remake or reboot it. So I start from a negative stand point when viewing the new trailer for the new female-led film. The question therefore is, were my concerns justified? or do we appear to have a new classic for a new generation? Well I’m sorry to say judging on the movie trailer above it’s the complete and utter disaster I was expecting.

It’s not a film for me but I’m sure some of you will give it the benefit of the doubt…

This is only a trailer and who knows the full film may not be being accurately reflected.

Now where did I put the Blu-ray of the 1984 classic!

Update: The Ghostbusters Movie Trailer 2

The second trailer seems to try and show the film in a slightly better light folowing the disaster that was the first trailer.  However this merely enforces the fact that this film is too much slapstick without out any of the seriousness and tension from the original classic film.

What I’m am driving at is the brillant 1984 film was of course very funny but also had a tense feel.  The comedy was classy well written and acted where as the reboot simply goes for tha conveyor belt slapstick that are in almost every comedy.  I mean they have the same formula for every comedy and it must take about five minutes to write. 

Sure the bit where one of the women jumps into a crowd and everyone moves, meaning she smacks straight on to the floor is funny and there may well be the odd other funny moment but the tone and feel is pure obvious and slapsick comedy. 

This film looks like a typical Mellisa McCarthy film and that’s great if you like those kind of films, I don’t every film offers the same lame jokes, but  hey I’m sure people will flock to see this, thus it will make plenty of money.  In fact the only reason I can see to remaking this classic film is the merchandising, hell we have toy, jet washers and just about anything you can think of now with the Ghostbuster logo.

Well we can all find out just who good or bad this really is on 15th July 2016!!!!!

So that was the Ghostbusters movie trailer, what do you think about the reboot?  This one will clearly make for some strong opinions, will you be going to see it upon release?  As alway leave a comment below.

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