Howling III Blu-ray Review – Awful Werewolf Sequel?

Howling III Blu-ray Review

It’s time for more eighties horror with the third outing in the Howling series. So without further ado here’s my Howling III blu-ray review.

  • Howling III: The Marsupials (1987)
  • Blu-ray – Import
  • Genre: Horror
  • Directed by Philippe Mora
  • UK Rating N/A
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Umbrella Entertainment
  • Blu-ray Released: 15 March 2020


A female werewolf in the Australian outback decides to leave her family and seek a new life in the city. She meets a film producer and fails in love. However the government are on the hunt for werewolf’s to conduct research on.

Style / Direction

The film was directed by Philippe Mora whilst Louis Irving handled the cinematography.

Music / Audio Effects

The music is provided by Allan Zavod.

Acting / Characters

The acting is played very much as a comedy horror but even so it’s not great.

  • Barry Otto as Professor Harry Beckmeyer
  • Imogen Annesley as Jerboa
  • Max Fairchild as Thylo
  • Ralph Cotterill as Professor Sharp
  • Leigh Biolos as Donny Martin
  • Frank Thring as Jack Citron
  • Michael Pate as President
  • Barry Humphries as Academy Awards Presenter
  • Carole Skinner as Yara
  • Brian Adams as General Miller
  • Christopher Pate as Agent
  • Dagmar Bláhová as Olga Gork
  • Burnham Burnham as Kendi
  • Steve Shaw as Horror Movie Actor

Conclusion: Howling III: The Marsupials (1987) Film Review

I reviewed the first two Howling films a while back and I didn’t enjoy either of them. This third outing is no better in fact is just plain silly without any real point. It’s not a great comedy horror or regular horror. I strongly recommend giving it a miss.

Howling III Blu-ray Review

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Conclusion: Howling III Blu-ray Review

The bad news is this version I’m reviewing is a blu-ray import. The good news is the picture quality is very good. It’s only during the dark scenes where the image becomes a little noisy.

If you did like the movie then the included extras are pretty good and worth a look.

  • Audio Commentary with Philippe Mora
  • Philippe Mora Interview (15 mins)
  • Not Quite Hollywood Interviews (19 mins)
  • Trailers
  • Gallery

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Howling III (1987)


not recommended



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Howling III Blu-ray Review

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Howling III (1987) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip may not be representative of the blu-ray version

That just about concludes my Howling III blu-ray review. I’m aiming to review more horror movies soon. What’s next? Check back soon…

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Summary: Howling III (1987) Blu-ray Review
Howling III Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Howling III (1987)

Duration: 98 mins

Director(s): Barry Otto, Imogen Annesley, Max Fairchild, Ralph Cotterill, Leigh Biolos, Frank Thring, Michael Pate, Barry Humphries

Actor(s): Barry Otto,

Genre: Horror

  • Movie Rating
  • Blu-ray Picture Rating
  • Extras


A pretty poor werewolf horror movie


  • Blu-ray Picture Quality


  • Awful Film
  • No UK Blu-ray Release