Invasion USA Blu-ray Review – 1985 Chuck Norris Action!

Are you ready for the Invasion USA blu-ray review? Of course you are, it’s time to look back at an eighties action film that stars none other than Chuck Norris.

It’s out now on Blu-ray, released by 88 Films. Should all you Chuck Norris fans be rushing to pick this up on Blu-ray? Well I intend to answer that very question.

  • Invasion USA (1985)
  • Genre: Action
  • Directed By: Joseph Zito
  • Written By: Aaron Norris, James Bruner & Chuck Norris
  • Music By: Jay Chattaway
  • Blu-ray Region: Region B (UK)
  • Released By 88 Films
  • Starring Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet
Invasion USA Blu-ray Review


It has one right? Well yes it does, the premise is fairly simple. A bunch of terrorists led by Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch) intend to invade the USA. In what appears to a cold war based plot with the Russian Rostov taking the fight to the Americans. You can probably guess some of that just from the film’s title.

What you want more plot? Ok well let’s see, we don’t really know what’s behind this decision other than a pure hatred of all things American. When the film says invasion it’s more of a hit and run terrorist attack which reeks havoc with authorities not knowing where they will strike next.

Enter Hunter (Norris) to save the day. He works for the Agency and has some history with Rostov. Commence the action, don’t worry there is plenty of it.

Oh and I should just say its set at Christmas.

Characters / Actors

So to the main characters, I’ve already mentioned the main two but there is also a reporter caught up in the middle of this mayhem played by Melissa Prophet.

To be fair she is hardly what you would call integral to the film. None of the characters have any real depth, Rostov is a crazed terrorist intent on killing the American dream along with as many citizens as possible.

Meanwhile Hunter is the fairly cool type with a dry delivery. Add to this plenty of one liners and the fact he is here to kick ass. That is all there is to him, no real back-story.

The acting is fine for this type of film, Chuck Norris does a good enough job and Richard Lynch is convincing as the rather unstable and worrying terrorist leader.

It’s what you would expect from a eighties action film.


Now on to the action aspect of the film and yes there is a lot of shooting, killing and things exploding. We have tanks, Law missile launchers etc…

If you like a bit of action this film has you well covered.

Conclusion: Invasion USA (1985) Film Review

The plot is thin, the characters are lacking in depth, but there is plenty of things being blown-up.

I guess you have to ask yourself what you are looking for in a film like this.

Yes the plot is thin and totally far-fetched or maybe not. You just need to look at the recent terrorist attacks or 9/11 to see what at the time of the film’s release seemed unbelievable is now quite plausible.

But in the end it’s a film and you have to make it full of action whilst being entertaining. The same goes for the lack of depth in the characterisation, it’s a secondary consideration in these types of films.

I’m sure they could have spent a lot more time and money on both of those things and made them better. They clearly choose to spend the money on an all out action film.

And do know what? I’m completely fine with that. Sure it’s no classic and it was never intended to win any awards. Its sole purpose is to entertain and in that it largely succeeds. I was smiling at how bizarre the whole situation was whilst laughing at the odd Chuck one liner.

Sometimes you just want to pop on a film that’s easy to watch and when it’s finished you don’t feel the need to over analyse it, like I have probably just done.

In the end if you like Chuck Norris films you will already know what to expect. I could totally pick the film apart very easily but ultimately I’m kind of glad these films exist.

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Conclusion: Invasion USA Blu-ray Review

How does the the Blu-ray version look?

I didn’t notice any speckles or flickers and found the picture to be clear and sharp.

The Blu-ray also comes with two interesting interview extras for those wanting to know a little more about the film / era.

If you love Chuck Norris films and have this on DVD I would recommend picking this up on Blu-ray.

Invasion USA (1985) blu-ray is available now from Amazon.

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invasion usa blu-ray

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Invasion USA (1985)



Invasion USA (1985) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster with trailer…

Happy Christmas from Hunter aka Chuck Norris??? You can’t beat a bit 80’s action!

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Summary: Invasion USA (1985) Blu-ray Review
invasion usa blu-ray

Movie title: Invasion USA (1985)

Duration: 107 mins

Director(s): Joseph Zito

Actor(s): Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Melissa Prophet

Genre: Action

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If you looking for some action without a heavy plot line then this ticks the box. Sit back and maybe partake in a couple of beers!