Island of Terror Blu-ray Review – 1966 Sci-fi, Horror

It’s time for another Peter Cushing sci-fi / horror film to review this ones from 1966 and maybe it’s one you are not that familiar with. This is my Island of Terror blu-ray review.

  • Island of Terror (1966)
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Horror
  • Directed By Terence Fisher
  • Written By Edward Mann & Al Ramsen
  • Music By Malcolm Lockyer
  • Cinematography By Reg Wyer
  • UK Rating PG
  • Released By Odeon Entertainment
  • Starring Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Eddie Byrne
Island of Terror Blu-ray Review


When the inhabitants of Petries’s island discover the remains of a man it seems like there may be a strange new disease spreading across the island.

The body of the man has no bones remaining.  However the Island is also the home of a research lab tasked with finding the cure for cancer.  Are the two connected?  I think you know the answer to that.

The local doctor, Dr Landers (is way out of his depth) add to that, the research lab keeps themselves away from the locals.  So the local doctor travels to the mainland to contact Dr Stanley (Peter Cushing) who is an expert.  However he is left baffled by the story and recruits fellow doctor David West. Together their fly to the island and investigate the cause.

This leads them to the research lab where they discover just what has been created.

A disturbing creature is causing the deaths of the locals and their livestock.  But the islanders are in for a shock as it appears they are not just dealing with one creature.

Having flown to the island leaving the only boat on the mainland, help won’t be coming anytime soon…

Style / Direction

The look and feel of the film is good, with giving that isolated island feel.  The film is kept moving at a fairly brisk pace which is needed in this type of film.

Decent camera work make this easy to watch and enjoy, but that should come as no surprise as the director is Terence Fisher. He directed Hammer classics such Dracula (1958), The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) to name just three.

Music / Audio Effects

The music and sound effects do a good enough job of conveying the islander’s desperate plight.

Acting / Characters

Good acting performances all round keep this story serious when it could easily come across as all too silly.

No surprise then that Peter Cushing delivers a strong and serious performance.  Backed up well by Edward Judd and Eddie Byrne pretty much ensures this film is a good one.

Carole Gray plays Toni Merrill Dr David West’s love interest again does a decent enough job with what little she is asked to do.

Conclusion: Island of Terror (1966) Film Review

I have to admit I really do love these films, sure you can pick holes in them.  You could say for instance the characters a not developed fully enough or the plot is a bit thin.  But you would be missing the point of what makes this a cracking film, it gets on with telling the story and delivering the horror and desperation of a seemingly futile fight.

When you have Peter Cushing appear in one of these British horror films you know he always makes the most of whatever he is given.  That’s why this film works because of the way he portrays his character. He delivers a serious and commanding acting performance that in turn makes the viewer take the plot seriously.

Island of Terror Blu-ray Review

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Conclusion: Island of Terror Blu-ray Review

In general terms this is a pretty good print, sharp looking.  However it’s far from perfect, its one of those that looks good but every now and then you will see a mark or flicker of dirt appear. It just lightly breaks the emersion momentarily but on the whole this is a vast improvement on what’s been released before.

Occasionally there are vertical lines that appear for a second or two.

Plus in the night scenes the right hand edge of the screen appears as a light band at times, maybe damage to the original film negative.

It’s just a shame a little more time wasn’t spent tidying up the little annoying flickers of dirt.

Despite these little niggles and gripes it is still probably worth upgrading to from DVD.


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Island Of Terror Blu-ray

Popcorn Cinema Rating: Island of Terror  (1966)



Island of Terror (1966) Film Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster with trailer…

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Summary: Island of Terror (1966) Blu-ray Review
Island of Terror Blu-ray Review (1966)

Movie title: Island of Terror (1966)

Duration: 87 mins

Director(s): Terence Fisher

Actor(s): Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, Carole Gray, Eddie Byrne

Genre: Sci-fi, Horror

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A Sci-fi horror with Peter Cushing is always worth a look and Island of Terror is no exception.