It Follows Blu-ray Review – A 2014 Terrifying Horror?

October may have gone but my horror season has only just begun as I take a look another film I missed at the cinema and one that has already earned cult status among many horror fans.  I am of course referring to the 2014 film It Follows.  It is available now on Blu-ray and has been for a couple of years but is it really as good as people say?  Well I guess it’s time to find out, so without further ado here’s my It Follows Blu-ray Review.

  • It Follows (2014)
  • UK Rating 15
  • Discs: 1
  • Released By Icon Home Entertainment
  • Blu-ray Released: 29 June 2015


It follows is exactly what happens when a person is infected by having sex with person already carrying this unusual virus.  This is no ordinary STD this one comes in the form of creepy person that can be anyone and will follow you no matter where you go and if it ever catches up with you it will kill you.  Worse still the only way to escape it is to pass it on to some unwitting person by having sex with them.

That’s exactly what happens to teenager Jaime “Jay” Height following a sexual encounter with her boyfriend he decides to come clean and show her what he has done to her.  However his motive is more self preservation because when it kills the last person infected it then goes back down the line of the infected people.

How can she escape this nightmare?  I’ll let you find out if she does…

The story is written by David Robert Mitchell.

Style / Direction

Straight away the establishing shot sends out the right signals, this is going to have the look and feel of some older classic films and it certainly does.  At times the film has a slight seventies vibe despite clearly being a modern day horror film.  The televisions are old style sets, no flat screens here, but clearly mobiles phones are present.  This kind of works to the films advantage giving off a sense of style and creepiness in equal measure.

The film is directed by David Robert Mitchell whilst Mike Gioulakis takes care of the cinematography.

Music / Audio Effects

Disasterpeace provides the films score and the music for the most part is pretty awesome giving me the vibe of say a John Carpenter esque feel or that of say Near Dark.  I’m not saying it’s exactly that but the same eerie uncomfortableness is certainly present.

Acting / Characters

The acting is pretty good it certainly feels good enough and allows the story to develop.  The star is of Maika Monroe whom plays Jay or Jamie.  She is particular good I like the way she plays her character showing a degree of emotional detachment that actually helps to make the film feel even more uncomfortable.

Conclusion: It Follows (2014) Film Review

It Follows is a good attempt on offering a new twist in the horror genre and it does rather well.  I like the way before Jay is infected that we see her being spied on in the swimming pool by a couple of young boys, she knows they are there and kind of likes the fact they are watching her.  However once she is infected the tables are totally reversed with Jay now paranoid about every person she sees.

It’s very well done and I have to give credit to David Robert Mitchell whom wrote and directed the film.  In a genre packed full of remakes whether an actual remake or a different film telling a very similar story this one feels a little different and that’s fine by me.

The problem will come however when the inevitable sequel(s) arrive and diminish the idea.

It Follows blu-ray review

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Conclusion: It Follows Blu-ray Review

Clearly the picture quality is not an issue being a 2014 released film so I’ll move on to the extras.

There is an interesting interview with the films composer Disasterpeace in which he reveals how he came to score the movie.  Interesting for me is my earlier observation on the style of music he uses, the director did indeed use a temp score which he used to give Disasterpeace an idea of what he was looking for.  One of the pieces used to convey the directors vision or tone was indeed by John Carpenter which I referenced in my thoughts on the music earlier.

And to be clear I wrote my movie review before watching the extras as I always do and then highlight any interesting facts revealed in the Bluray extras in my conclusion section.

That said it is always nice to know when your thoughts are indeed validated by the facts.


  • A Conversation with Film Composer Disasterpeace (5 mins)
  • Trailer
  • Gallery

Popcorn Cinema Rating: It Follows (2014)





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It Follows Blu-ray Review (2014)

It Follows (2014) Trailer

For those of you yet to see the film I’ll leave you with a little taster…

Clip may not be representative of the Blu-ray version

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Summary: It Follows (2014) Blu-ray Review
It Follows blu-ray review

Movie title: It Follows (2014)

Duration: 100 mins

Director(s): David Robert Mitchell

Actor(s): Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi

Genre: Horror

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An excellent and original horror film with an awesome John Carpenter esque music score.