Jason Bourne Movie Trailer – First Look

Bourne is back!!! – Jason Bourne Movie Trailer (Sneek Peek)

Take a first look at the new Jason Bourne movie trailer, well a tiny sneek peek in this 30 second trailer clip.  There is not much here but if you are like me you probably can’t wait to see Matt Damon return to the Bourne series.jason bourne movie trailer


Jason Bourne is due for release in bothe the US and UK on 29th July 2016


A proper Bourne film is what I am looking forward after the last one without Matt Damon, so fingers crossed this will be a return to form.  I am more than happy to see Matt Damon return to the film series along with director Paul Greengrass.  Good stuff!!!

So that was a sneek peek of the Jason Bourne movie trailer, are you ready for a proper Bourne film?  Please leave your comments below by subscribing.

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