Knight Rider Blu-ray Review

Another Blu-ray release from Fabulous Films, this time it’s the classic eighties American television show Knight Rider with all seasons included. Here is my Knight Rider Blu-ray review.

Now to be clear this is more of a first impressions as Knight Rider spans four seasons/20 discs and that’s a lot of viewing. The aim here is to let you know whether or not you should be spending your money upgrading from the DVD version.

  • Knight Rider Blu-ray Review (The Complete Collection)
  • Genre: TV Series – Action
  • Running Time: 4327 Mins
  • Discs: 20
  • UK Rating 12
  • Released By Fabulous Films

I have watched several episodes from all seasons to ensure a fair impression of the Blu-ray quality.

Again like with the A-Team I’m not going to go through each episode or plot points as I’m pretty sure if you are considering purchasing it on Blu-ray you will want to discover or re-discover the many great episodes for yourself.


David Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight who along with his amazing talking car KITT works for the Foundation for Law and Government and helps to bring the bad guys to justice.

Knight Rider Blu-ray Review

So just how good a job has been done in restoring this TV classic. Well overall the is a decent restoration, it looks cleaner and sharper. Plus the colours look more vibrant.

When comes to speckles, flickers of dirt the DVD is pretty bad so you would expect the Blu-ray to way better and it is. That said you will still see a few more so than in The A-Team Blu-ray I looked at a short time ago. This appears to more obvious on the first season.

Furthermore on season one, disc two, episode Trust Doesn’t Rust, at the beginning whilst the titles are still appearing there is are two blue lines (tram lines) on the left side of the picture. They disappear when there is a change of shot but reappear before the last credit. Once the intro credits have finished the rest of the episode is unaffected.

A quick check on the DVD version and the blue lines are nowhere to be found. It looks to me like a mistake has been made when restoring, a slight glitch or oversight maybe.

With all that said would I recommend upgrading from your DVD copy to the newly released Blu-ray? The answer is yes it a far better version with superior picture quality. I would have preferred they remove a few more flickers but I guess you can’t have everything.

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Knight Rider: The Complete Collection


Knight Rider: The Complete Collection Blu-ray is available now from Amazon.

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Knight Rider Blu-ray Review

Knight Rider Intro

For those of you yet to see Knight Rider or those just feeling nostalgic I’ll leave you with a little taster.

Clip not representative of the Blu-ray version

Knight Rider Blu-ray review (The Complete Collection)

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Summary: Knight Rider Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Knight Rider TV Series

Movie description: Knight Rider The Complete Collection released by Fabulous Films comes on 20 blu-ray discs.

Duration: 4327 Mins

Actor(s): David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, Rebecca Holden

Genre: TV Series, Action

  • Blu-ray Rating


The Blu-ray version of Knight Rider is definitely worth upgrading from DVD.