Magic Myth & Mutilation Blu-ray Boxset Releases Jan 2023

Powerhouse Films under its Indicator label will be releasing Magic Myth & Mutilation: The Micro-Budget Cinema of Michael J Murphy 1967–2015 Blu-ray Boxset later this month in the UK.

This 10 disc boxset includes the complete surviving works of filmmaker Michael J Murphy.

Magic Myth & Mutilation Blu-ray (Limited Edition)

These films have undergone “all-new 2K restorations by Powerhouse Films, using film elements from the Murphy archives”.

Magic Myth & Mutilation Blu-ray
  • Tristan and Iseult (1970)
  • Happy Ever After (1974)
  • Secrets (1977)
  • Almost a Movie (1979)
  • The Cell (1980)
  • Stay (1980)
  • Death in the Family (1981)
  • Invitation to Hell (1983)
  • The Last Night (1983)
  • Bloodstream (1985)
  • Moonchild (1989)
  • Torment (1990)
  • Atlantis (1991)
  • Road to Nowhere (1993)
  • Tristan (version one, 1999)
  • ZK3 (2012)
  • Nekros: Isle of the Dead (2014)
  • The Return of Alan Strange (2015)

Whilst there are “Standard Definition presentations, newly digitised from Murphy’s tape masters” of the following films:

  • Qualen (1983)
  • Tristan aka Legend of the Hero (1986)
  • Death Run (1987)
  • Avalon (1988)
  • Second Sight (1992)
  • The Rite of Spring (version one, 1995)
  • The Rite of Spring (version two, 1995)
  • Tristan (version two, 1999)
  • Roxi (2004)
  • Skare (2008)


  • Discs: 10
  • Region: B
  • Video: 1080p High Definition
  • Aspect Ratio: TBC
  • Audio: Original Mono Soundtracks
  • Running Time: 34 hours 42 mins approx
  • Rating: 18


  • Limited Edition 120 Page Book
  • Audio Commentary with Murphy & Actors Sally Duncan / Phil Lyndon on Invitation to Hell (2008)
  • Audio Commentary with Author / Arts professor Johnny Walker on Invitation to Hell (2022)
  • Audio Commentary with Murphy Duncan & Lyndon on The Last Night (2008)
  • Audio Commentary with Murphy Actors June Bunday, Judith Holding & Lyndon on Atlantis (2010)
  • Audio Commentary with Murphy &d Holding on Skare (2009)
  • Murphy’s Lore (2022): 3 Part Documentary
  • The Horror-on-Sea Interview with Michael J Murphy (2013)
  • The Making of ‘Invitation to Hell’ and ‘The Last Night’ (2008) (Retrospective Documentary with Interviews with Murphy, Lyndon & Duncan)
  • The Making of ‘Atlantis’ (2010): 2 Part Retrospective Documentary (Interviews with Murphy, Lyndon, Bunday & Holding)
  • The Making of ‘Skare’ (2009) (Retrospective Documentary with Interviews with Murphy & Holding)
  • The Making of ‘Roxi’ (2004) (Documentary with Interviews with actors Mary-Anne Barlow, Bruce Lawrence, Ross Maxwell & Valia Yanarou)
  • The Making of ‘ZK3’ (2012) (Retrospective Documentary with Interviews with Murphy, Holding & Lyndon)
  • ‘The Rite of Spring’: Behind the Scenes (1999)
  • ‘Nekros’: Behind the Scenes (2012)
  • ‘Skare’ Script Readthrough (2008)
  • Surviving fragments from 6 Lost Murphy films: Atlantis: City of Sin (1967), Boadicea (1968), Gods and Heroes (1971), 2 Versions of Seventh Day (1976/77) & Insight (1978)
  • Outtakes from Moonchild, Torment, Atlantis, Second Sight & Skare
  • Mute Rushes from the Lost 16mm version of Skare
  • ‘The Return of Alan Strange’ Test Footage (2014)
  • Michael J Murphy on ‘Beast’ (2010) (Interview with the filmmaker about Chris Jupp’s remake of his lost version of Skare)
  • Video Tour of Michael J Murphy’s Home (2014)
  • Michael J Murphy Tribute Video (2015) (Documentary Short Made for the Murlyn Films International Website)
  • Home Video Footage Shot by Murphy
  • Trailers for Invitation to Hell, The Last Night, Bloodstream, Legend of a Hero, Death Run, Avalon, Moonchild, Torment, Atlantis, Road to Nowhere, The Rite of Spring, Tristan, Roxi, Skare, ZK3, Nekros: Isle of Death & The Return of Alan Strange
  • Original ‘Stay’ 7″ Single Needle-drop Recording
  • Image Galleries
  • Script Galleries

You can pre-order now on Blu-ray for £79.99 from Amazon. (Price correct as of 25.01.23).

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Magic Myth & Mutilation releases on 30th January 2023 in the UK.

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