Magnum P.I. Complete Collection Coming To Blu-ray?

Blu-ray news – Magnum P.I. Complete Collection

More good news from Fabulous Films as they have annouced the UK Blu-ray release of Magnum P.I. It’s been fully restored and comes on 37 discs with a total running time of 7813 minutes, that’s eight seasons.

The release date is currently slated for 12th December 2016.

You can pre-order on here

Just in case you have missed any of Fabulous Films other American television series, here a reminder whats out or coming out on Blu-ray:

Out Now

  • Airwolf
  • The A-Team

Coming Soon

  • Knight Rider (21 November 2016)
  • The Incredible Hulk (12 December 2016)
  • Miami Vice (12 December 2016)
  • Magnum P.I (12 December 2016)


For those not having seen Magnum P.I it’s a 1980’s American television show starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum a private investigator living in Hawaii.

Running for 8 series between 1980-1988, Magnum was joined by several friends in his adventures, including Higgins (John Hillerman), T.C (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti).

Need a reminder of the series, take a look at the intro titles…

This is not from the restored Blu-ray just in case you were wondering!

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