Miami Vice Blu-ray Review (TV Series)

It’s time to take a look at another Blu-ray release from Fabulous Films and it’s an eighties classic. Here is my Miami Vice Blu-ray review.

Now to be clear this is more of a first impressions as Miami Vice spans five seasons and that’s a lot of viewing.  The aim here is to let you know whether or not you should be spending your money upgrading from the DVD version.

I have watched several episodes from all seasons to ensure a fair impression of the blu-ray quality.

  • Miami Vice Blu-ray Review (The Complete Collection)
  • Genre: TV Series – Action
  • Music by Jan Hammer
  • Running Time: 5510 Mins
  • Discs: 25
  • UK Rating 18
  • Released By Fabulous Films
  • Starring Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Saundra Santiago, Michael Talbott, John Diehl, Olivia Brown, Gregory Sierra & Edward James Olmos

Again like with the A-Team and Knight Rider I’m not going to go through each episode or plot points as I’m pretty sure if you are considering purchasing it on Blu-ray you will want to discover or re-discover the many great episodes for yourself.


Vice detectives Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) go undercover to clean up Miami by taking down drug lords and the like.

Miami Vice Blu-ray Review Conclusion

I love Miami Vice it’s one of my favourite TV shows, the style, the music, plenty of action and great interplay between Crockett & Tubbs.

So I was kind of hoping that they would really pull out all the stops when restoring the TV classic.

In the end what we have is a cleaner and sharper version than the previous release that came on DVD.  It’s not quite what I’d hope for certainly the first few episodes seem to still have quite a bit of dirt, flickers and speckles. It’s only on odd scenes but still I think it could have been done a little better. That said there are five season and that is a lot of episodes to work on.

There was an odd audio echo effect on the third episode that lasted for a few seconds before returning to normal. I couldn’t find this on the DVD version.

The question that has to be, is it worth replacing your DVD copies with the new Blu-ray release?  The answer is yes it’s definitely a worth the upgrade. Whether or not you want to do that straight away while prices are high is your call.

Miami Vice has been cleaned up to a similar level as The A-Team and Knight Rider.  There are certainly better than the DVD versions.

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Miami Vice: The Complete Collection


Miami Vice: The Complete Collection blu-ray is available now from Amazon.

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Miami Vice The Complete Collection Blu-ray

Miami Vice Intro

For those of you yet to see the Miami Vice I’ll leave you with a little taster.

Clip not representative of the Blu-ray version

Miami Vice Blu-ray Review (The Complete Collection) is just one of my classic television reviews

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Summary: Miami Vice Blu-ray Review

Movie title: Miami Vice TV Series

Movie description: Miami Vice - The Complete Collection released by Fabulous Films comes on 25 blu-ray discs.

Duration: 5510 Mins

Actor(s): Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Saundra Santiago, Michael Talbott, John Diehl, Olivia Brown, Edward James Olmos

Genre: TV Series, Crime, Action

  • Blu-ray Rating


Miami Vice on Blu-ray is cleaner and sharper and worth upgrading from DVD.