Missing In Action 2 The Beginning Movie Review

Are you a Chuck Norris fan?  Not sure well let me tell you about his Missing in action film series.  Yes this is indeed my Missing in Action 2 The Beginning movie review.

Made in 1985 a year after the successful first film, Missing In Action 2: The Beginning is the prequel.

  • Missing In Action 2 The Beginning Movie Review (1985) Actionmissing in action 2 the beginning
  • Running Time: 95 Mins
  • Budget: $2.4 Million  Box Office: $10.7 Million
  • Starring Chuck Norris ; Soon-Tek Oh ; Steven Williams ; Bennett Ohta ; Cosie Costa ; Joe Michael Terry

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In the 1984 film Missing In Action we saw Colonel Braddock (Norris) rescue a group of POW’s.  However in the prequel The Beginning we see Braddock and his team being captured and held as a POW.

Now the first thing to say about the prequel is it’s a lot slower in it’s pace at the beginning. We see Braddock and his team being tortured both physically and mentally.  The guy behind all this torture is Colonel Yin (Soon-Tek Oh) he wants Braddock to admit to war crimes and then he will release him.  This goes on for most of the film and the slow pace does begin to drag a little, but we all know Braddock will take hs revenge sooner or later, and in this case it’s much later.

Conclusion – Missing In Action 2 The Beginning Movie Review

So is it any good?  Well I’m sad to say the prequel is nowhere near as good or entertaining to watch as the first film.  Is it worth watching?  Yes but only if you are really into eighties action movies or you liked the first film and want a little bit more.

It’s not terrible but I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon, it lacks the excitement that the first movie had and that’s it’s main problem.

I heard somewhere that the original idea was to film the first two film in the correct order but someone clearly realised that would be a terrible idea.  What turned out to be the first film has everything you expect from a action film, the pacing is good and there is plenty of action.

I think had they released them the other way round there would not of have been any more Missing In Action film.

So what is my movie rating for Missing In Action 2 (1985)?

  • Blu-ray Picture & Sound: GOOD

A decent job on all counts makes this worth upgrading from previous formats or indeed as a first time purchase.

Now should I watch Missing In Action 3???  I’ll have to think about it, have you seen Missing In Action 2 : The Beginning?  What did you make of it?

Check out the trailer below for Missing in Action 2 : The Beginning

Final Thought

So that was our Missing In Action 2 The Beginning movie review, do you agree with us?  or do you think that this is on a par with the first film?  Whatever your opinion please subscribe and leave a comment as we would love to hear from you.

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Missing In Action 2: The Beginning (1985) Blu-ray

Actor(s): Chuck Norris

Genre: Action

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The prequel to 1984 film and not much happens for most of the film. A big let down coming from the first film.