Movie Quiz Time General Knowledge 3

It’s Movie Quiz Time!!! 

Ready to put your film knowledge to the test?  The weeks quiz is a general knowledge quiz.

So you better start brushing up on your movie triva knowledge!!!


Congratulations you are a film buff!

Well I guess that’s a good enough reason to start watching more films!

#1. Which movie is this line from “That’s not a knife, This is a knife!”

#2. In which classic western film do we hear the famous John Wayne line “That’ll be the day”?

#3. Archibald Leach is better known as who?

#4. Which was the first film in which Al Pacino and Robert De Niro acted together in the same scene?

#5. What was Roger Moore’s first James Bond film?

#6. What was Alfred Hitchcock’s last black and white feature film?


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