Movie Quiz Lethal Weapon

Yes it’s that time of the week where your movie knowledge is put to the test in our weekly movie quiz!  So how is your Lethal Weapon knowledge?  So get ready to take our Movie Quiz on Lethal Weapon


Congratulations, you really do know your Lethal Weapon trivia!

Time to get the Blu-rays out!

#1. What character does Mel Gibson play in the Lethal Weapon film series?

#2. In what year did the first Lethal Weapon film release?

#3. Who directed all four Lethal Weapon films?

#4. Patsy Kensit appeared in which Lethal Weapon film?

#5. How many Lethal Weapon films did Joe Pesci appear in?

#6. What time of year is the first Lethal Weapon film set?

#7. What is Rene Russo character name in the Lethal Weapon films?

#8. What is the Murtaugh family cat named?


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