Cinema Releases 16 September 2016 – Blair Witch

Blair Witch & Bridget Jones’s Baby

Heading to the cinema this weekend?  Time for a look at the weeks new movie releases for 16th September 2016 in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.  This week sees the release of the sequel The Blair Witch & Bridget Jones’s Baby in all of are covered countries.

Film News

Eastwood’s Sully Tops US Chart

The film starring Tom Hanks enters the US Box office in top spot taking $35,028,301

Meanwhile in the UK Sausage Party holds on to the number 1 place, beating Ben-Hur which settles for second spot.

Dr. Loomis’s Top 10 Best Clint Eastwood Movies

Cinema Releases 16 Sept 2016

Blair Witch (Horror)

  • Released 16th September 2016 UK/USA (15/R) 89 Mins
  • Stars: Corbin Reid; Wes Robinson; Valorie Curry; James Allen McCune; Callie Hernandez; Brandon Scott
  • Sequel to The Blair Witch Project.

Seventeen years have passed since the events of the first film which saw three students disappear in the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, while investigating the legend of a local witch.

When some previously unseen footage is posted online, the brother of one of students decides to return to the woods.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (Drama)

  • Released 16th September 2016 UK/US (15/R) 123 Mins
  • Stars: Renée Zellweger; Emma Thompson; Patrick Dempsey

Renée Zellweger is back as Bridget Jones as we follow the forty something who is now single. With her career going well, for once has everything completely under control.

However things are never that straightforward in Bridget’s world.

The Infiltrator (Drama)

  • Released 16th September 2016 UK (15) 127 Mins
  • Stars: Bryan Cranston; Diane Kruger; Benjamin Bratt; Olympia Dukakis; Amy Ryan; John Leguizamo; Joseph Gilgun; Jason Isaacs

A drug lord’s money laundering operation is uncovered by a US customs official.

Snowden (Drama)

  • Released 16th September 2016 US (R) 134 Mins
  • Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt ; Shailene Woodley ; Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Scott Eastwood
  • Directed Oliver Stone

Story of Edward Snowden , the man who exposed / leaked the illegal surveillance activities of the NSA.

Movie Releases Down Under

Blair Witch

  • Released AU/NZ 15th September 2016 89 Mins (Horror)

Bridget Jones’s Baby

  • Released AU 15th September 2016 123 Mins (Drama)

Pete’s Dragon

  • Released AU/NZ 15th September 2016 103 Mins (Adventure)

The Confirmation

  • Released AU/NZ 15th September 2016 101 Mins (Comedy, Drama)

The Secret Life of Pets

  • Released NZ 15th September 2016 90 Mins (Animated Comedy)

The Rehearsal

  • Released NZ 15th September 2016 98 Mins (Drama)

Spin Out

  • Released AU 15th September 2016 ? Mins (Comedy)

Top 10 Box Office Films


1Sully (NEW)$35,028,301
2When the Bough Breaks (NEW)$14,202,323
3Don’t Breathe$8,250,225
4Suicide Squad$5,723,038
5The Wild Life (NEW)$3,342,697
6Kubo and the Two Strings$3,101,390
7Pete’s Dragon$3,101,390
8Bad Moms$2,593,665
9Hell or High Water$2,461,321
10Sausage Party$2,342,003


1Sausage Party£1,219,972
2Ben-Hur (NEW)£1,047,800
3Don’t Breathe (NEW)£1,028,938
4Bad Moms£898,450
5Kubo and the Two Strings (NEW)£844,027
6Finding Dory£718,508
7Hell or High Water (NEW)£552,230
9The BFG£332,704
10Suicide Squad£332,704

Comment By Dr. Loomis

A few releases this week, with horror film Blair Witch & Bridget Jones’s Baby the two big releases.  The former just looks like a direct remake hiding under the guise of a sequel.

Bridget Jones just isn’t for me, so I guess I’m stuck with the Blair Witch remake, I mean sequel!