Movie Releases This Week Apr 8 2016 – The Huntsman Winter’s War

The Huntsman Winter’s War

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the weeks new movie releases for 8 April 2016 in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks main film news.  So what’s our first new releases?  The Huntsman Winter’s War, what’s about?  We will find out after the news…

Film News

Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan to team-up again?

The report that Cillian Murphy has signed on to appear in Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Dunkirk.

No conformation from either the actor or Warner Bros at this time.  Shooting could start as soon as May with a release slated for 2017.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice takes top spot

So no surprise as the Batman.Superman film stays at number at the box office in both the US and UK

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This Weeks Movie Releases

The Huntsman Winter’s War (Action Adventure)

Released 8th April 2016 UK (12A) 114 Mins

Starring Chris Hemsworth ; Charlize Theron ; Emily Blunt ; Nick Frost ; Sam Claflin ; Rob Brydon ; Jessica Chastain

Set in the fantasy world of Snow White, The Huntsman tells the story long before the evil Queen Ravenna was thought defeated by Snow White’s blade.  Indeed when her sister, Freya fled their kingdom the young ice queen spent decades in a remote wintry land raising a legion of deadly huntsmen.


Midnight Special (Drama)

Released 8th April 2016 UKS (12A) 112 Mins

Starring Michael Shannon ; Joel Edgerton ; Kirsten Dunst ; Adam Driver ; Sam Shepard

A father must go on the run after the he learns his child possesses special powers and is being hunted by an extreme religious sect.


The Man Who Knew Infinity (Drama)

Released 8th April 2016 UK (12A) 109 Mins

Starring Jeremy Irons; Dev Patel; Stephen Fry; Toby Jones; Jeremy Northam; Kevin McNally

This is the story of Srinavasa Ramanujan a genius who grew up in India. He sends a letter to G. H. Hardy a top British mathematics professor at Trinity College, Cambridge. Following this letter Srinavasa Ramanujan live changes as he travels to Cambridge during the First World War.


Hardcore Henry (Action)

Released 8th April 2016 UK/US (18/R) 90 Mins

Starring Sharlto Copley; Danila Kozlovsky; Haley Bennett; Andrey Dementyev; Dasha Charusha; Sveta Ustinov

First person action film seen through the eyes of Henry. In fact Henry has just been resurrected from death and has no memory. His quest therefore is to find out who he is whilst saving his wife from a warlord.


The Boss  (Comedy)

Released 8th April 2016 US (R) 99 Mins

Starring Melissa McCarthy ; Kristen Bell ; Peter Dinklage ; Annie Mumolo ; Tyler Labine ; Kristen Schaal ; Margo Martindale ; Kathy Bates

Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is a former captain of industry who has been convicted of insider trading.  Once released she embarks on trying to win everybody over with her new American sweetheart rebranding, however not everyone is convinced.


Demolition (Drama)

Released 8th April 2016 US (R) 100 Mins

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal ; Naomi Watts ; Chris Cooper ; Judah Lewis

Investment banker Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) life has collapsed following the death of his wife in a car crash.  Following a series of events a letter originated by Davis finds its way to customer service rep Karen ((Naomi Watts) and the two form an unlikely connection.

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