Cinema Releases 12 August 2016 – Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon & Nerve

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the weeks new movie releases (August 12 2016) for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks film news.  Pete’s Dragon releases in both the UK and US other releases include the thriller Nerve in the UK.

Film News

Suicide Squad Claims Top Spot

The film enters both the US & UK charts at number 1.

Taking a massive $133,682,248 in the US and a very impressive £11,252,225 in the UK

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Movie Releases 12 August 2016

Nerve (Crime, Thriller)

  • Released 12th August 2016 UK (15) 96 Mins
  • Samira Wiley; Kimiko Glenn; Dave Franco; Emma Roberts; Juliette Lewis

A high school senior finds herself entangled in an online game of truth or dare in a world where anonymous watchers begin to manipulate her every move.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Comedy)

  • Released 12th August 2016 UK (15) 98 Mins
  • Zac Efron ; Adam DeVine ; Anna Kendrick ; Aubrey Plaza ; Stephen Root

Mike and Dave are brothers that like to party, however they need dates to attend a wedding with. To that end they place a online advert.

The Shallows (Drama)

  • Released 12th August 2016 UK (15) 86 Mins
  • Blake Lively

Nancy Adams is a pro surfer who is going to find herself stranded on a big rock off the coat of an island known as paradise. Why is she stranded? Well that is because of the great white shark that is circling the rock.

Pete’s Dragon (Adventure)

  • Released 12th August 2016 UK/US (PG) 103 Mins
  • Bryce Dallas Howard; Oakes Fegley; Wes Bentley; Karl Urban; Oona Laurence; Robert Redford

Grace works as a forest ranger and grew up on stories of a fierce dragon who resides in the forest. Until now that’s all they were, stories, but Grace is about to find out that the story is true.

Film Trailer for Pete’s Dragon

Florence Foster Jenkins (Comedy, Drama)

  • Released 12th August 2016 US (PG-13) 110 Mins
  • Meryl Streep ; Rebecca Ferguson ; Simon Helberg ; Hugh Grant

The true story of the eponymous New York heiress who chased her dream of becoming a great singer.

Sausage Party (Animated Comedy)

  • Released 12th August 2016 US (R) 85 Mins

A sausage leads a group of fellow supermarket products on a mission to find about the truth about their existence and to discover what really happens when they leave the grocery store.

Top 10 Box Office Films


  1. Suicide Squad (NEW)                                                
  2. Jason Bourne                                                                  
  3. Bad Moms                                                                        
  4. The Secret Life of Pets                                                
  5. Star Trek Beyond                                                          
  6. Nine Lives (NEW)                                                              
  7. Lights Out                                                                            
  8. Nerve                                                                                      
  9. Ghostbusters                                                                    
  10. Ice Age: Collision Course 


  1. Suicide Squad (NEW)                                               
  2. Finding Dory                                                                
  3. Jason Bourne                                                          
  4. The BFG                                                                   
  5. Star Trek Beyond                                                              
  6. The Secret Life of Pets                                                      
  7. Ghostbusters                                                                     
  8. Ice Age: Collision Course                                             
  9. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie                              
  10. The Legend of Tarzan 

Comment By Dr. Loomis

Whilst there are a number of new releases this week none of them really interest me.  Petes’s Dragon may one that does well due to the timing of the release.