Movie Releases For Week Aug 19 2016 – David Brent: Life On The Road

Top 10 Box Office Films


  1. Suicide Squad                                                                     $43,536,013

  2. Sausage Party (NEW)                                                         $34,263,534

  3. Pete’s Dragon (NEW)                                                            $21,514,095

  4. Jason Bourne                                                                                $13,846,875

  5. Bad Moms                                                                                        $11,362,783

  6. The Secret Life of Pets                                                                $9,064,565

  7. Star Trek Beyond                                                                          $6,892,793

  8. Florence Foster Jenkins (NEW)                                             $6,601,313

  9. Nine Lives                                                                                          $3,526,166

  10. Lights Out                                                                                          $3,215,446


  1. Suicide Squad                                                                    £4,241,508

  2. Finding Dory                                                                       £2,567,085

  3. Jason Bourne                                                                          £1,471,495

  4. The BFG                                                                                      £1,110,536

  5. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (NEW)         £1,068,522

  6. Pete’s Dragon (NEW)                                                            £844,090

  7. Nerve (NEW)                                                                             £803,457

  8. The Shallows (NEW)                                                          £800,963

  9. Star Trek Beyond                                                                  £477,079

  10. The Secret Life of Pets                                                        £286,076


Comment By Dr. Loomis

Whilst there are a number of new releases this week only one stands out for me, David Brent: Life On The Road.  Yes Brent (Ricky Gervais) is back and is on the road leaving the dream or not as the case may be.  So I will checking that one out seeing if David Brent can make alone outside the office and that great supporting cast.

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