Cinema Releases 5 August 2016 – Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad – In Cinemas

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at what’s new in cinemas for week 5 August 2016.  Not many film releases this week as Suicide Squad hogs the limelight.  The film releases in both the UK and US.  We also have the latest movie news plus film trailers.

Film News

Bourne At Number One – US Box Office

Jason Bourne takes the top stop at the US box office taking an impressive $59,215,365.

However it’s a slightly different story in the UK as Bourne goes up against Finding Dory and loses.  Finding Dory took £8,122,075 whilst Jason Bourne took a still impressive £7,600,420

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Cinema Releases 5 August 2016

Suicide Squad (Action)

  • Released 5th August 2016 UK/US (15/PG-13) 125 Mins
  • Will Smith; Joel Kinnaman; Margot Robbie; Jared Leto; Jai Courtney; Cara Delevigne; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje; Adam Beach

DC comics characters such The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Rick Flag are offer a deal by the US government in which they are offered their freedom in exchange for going on a suicide mission

Nine Lives (Comedy)

  • Released 5th August 2016 US (PG) 87 Mins
  • Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken, Robbie Amell, Cheryl Hines, Mark Consuelos, Malina Weissman

Billionaire businessman Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is in need of a birthday present for his eleven year of daughter Rebecca.  He decides on a cat however following a accident he finds himself inside the cats body.  In order to free himself he must re-connect with his family.

Top 10 Box Office Films

US Box Office

1Jason Bourne (NEW)$59,215,365
2Star Trek Beyond$24,754,339
3Bad Moms (NEW)$23,817,340
4The Secret Life of Pets$18,915,140
5Ice Age: Collision Course$10,988,839
6Lights Out$10,803,331
8Nerve (NEW)$9,445,456
9Finding Dory$4,322,747
10The Legend of Tarzan$2,467,018


1Finding Dory (NEW)£8,122,075
2Jason Bourne (NEW)£7,600,420
3The BFG£3,362,699
4Star Trek Beyond£2,333,079
5The Secret Life Of Pets£730,459
7The Legend of Tarzan£207,931
8Ice Age: Collision Course£188,057
9Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie£171,587
10Dishoom (NEW)£139,534

Comment By Dr Loomis

There are the weeks new releases with Suicide Squad sure to take most of the media attention.  A pretty quiet week but next week sees a lot more film releases.