Movie Releases For Week July 8 2016 – Now You See Me 2

The Secret Life of Pets & Now You See Me 2

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the weeks new movie releases (July 8 2016) for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks film news.  The Legend of Tarzan & Now You See Me 2 are just two of the new releases in the UK, whilst in the US The Secret Life Of Pets hits cinemas.

Film News

Film Director Michael Cimino Passes Away

Michael Cimino best known for The Deer Hunter (1978) has passed away aged 77.

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Film Director Robin Hardy Passes Away

Robin Hardy dies aged 86, he is probably best known for directing the classic British horror film The Wicker Man.

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Movies Releases This Week

UK-flag1The Legend of Tarzan (Adventure)

Released 8th July 2016 UK (12A) 110 Mins

Starring Alexander Skarsgård ; Samuel L. Jackson ; Margot Robbie ; Djimon Hounsou ; Jim Broadbent ; Christoph Waltz

Years have passed since Tarzan left the African Jungle.  However a opportunity to go to Congo as a trade emissary occurs.  Unwittingly he becomes a pawn in a plot of greed and revenge.


UK-flag1Now You See Me 2 (Thriller)

Released 8th July 2016 UK (12A) 129 Mins

Starring Jesse Eisenberg ; Mark Ruffalo ; Woody Harrelson ; Dave Franco ; Daniel Radcliffe

The Illusionists return to expose unethical practices at a tech magnate.


UK-flag1The Neon Demon (Horror Thriller)

Released 8th July 2016 UK (18) 118 Mins

Starring Elle Fanning; Christina Hendricks; Keanu Reeves

Jesse is an aspiring model who movies to Los Angeles where she finds her youth and vitality devoured by a group of beauty obsessed women.

UK-flag1Maggie’s Plan (Comedy)

Released 8th July 2016 UK (15) 99 Mins

Starring Greta Gerwig; Ethan Hawke; Bill Hader ; Julianne Moore

Maggie wants to have a baby on her own, the only problem is she has fallen for a married man named John.


us-flag-1The Secret Life Of Pets (Animated)

Released 8th July 2016 US (PG) 94 Mins

Voiced by Louis C.K.; Eric Stonestreet; Kevin Hart; Ellie Kemper; Lake Bell; Jenny Slate; Bobby Moynihan; Hannibal Buress; Albert Brooks

Max’s life is thrown into chaos when another pet, a mongrel named Duke is brought home.

The Secret Life of Pets in theaters July 8

us-flag-1Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Comedy)

Released 8th July 2016 US (R) 98 Mins

Starring Zac Efron ; Adam DeVine ; Anna Kendrick ; Aubrey Plaza ; Stephen Root

Mike and Dave are brothers that like to party, however they need dates to attend a wedding with.  To that end they place a online advert.


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