Movie Releases For Week May 27 2016 – Alice Through The Looking Glass

Alice Through The Looking Glass & X-Men

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the movie releases for 27th May 2016 in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks film news.  This weeks big release sees Alice Through The Looking Glass release in the UK, US, AU & NZ.

Film News

Actor Burt Kwouk dies aged 85

It has been announced the actor Burt Kwouk passed away aged 85 on 24th May 2016.

Probably best known for his role in the Pink Panther films alongside Peter Sellars, Kwouk played Inspector Clouseau’s servant Kato.

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Movie Releases

UK-flag1Alice Through The Looking Glass (Adventure)
Released 27th May 2016 UK/US (PG) 120 Mins


Starring Johnny Depp ; Anne Hathaway ; Mia Wasikowska ; Rhys Ifans ; Helena Bonham Carter ; Alan Rickman ; Stephen Fry ; Michael Sheen ; Timothy Spall ; Sacha Baron Cohen

Alice returns to Wonderland and has to save the Mad Hatter


us-flag-1X-Men: Apocalyse (Action)

Released 27th May 2016 US (PG-13) 144 Mins

Starring James McAvoy ; Michael Fassbender ; Jennifer Lawrence ; Oscar Isaac

With the world’s first mutant threatening to cause an extinction level event the X-Men must unite to defeat the threat.


UK-flag1Money Monster (Thriller)

Released 27th May 2016 UK (15) 99 Mins

Starring George Clooney ; Julia Roberts ; Jack O’Connell ; Dominic West

A TV host an d his producer are held hostage on air when an investor who has lost everything takes control of the studio.


UK-flag1Top Cat Begins (Animated)

Released 27th May 2016 UK (U) 90 Mins

We discover more about Top Cats origins


Movies Releases Down Under

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Released AU/NZ 26th May 2016 Mins (Adventure)


The Nice Guys

Released AU/NZ 26th May 2016 116 Mins (Comedy)


Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Released AU 26th May 2016 101 Mins (Comedy, Drama)


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Top 10 Box Office Films


  1. The Angry Birds Movie (NEW)                               $38,155,177  

  2. Captain America: Civil War                                     $32,939,739

  3. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (NEW)                       $21,760,405

  4. The Nice Guys (NEW)                                                         $11,203,270

  5. The Jungle Book                                                                  $10,944,350

  6. Money Monster                                                                   $7,016,884

  7. The Darkness                                                                      $2,272,618

  8. Zootopia                                                                               $1,683,982

  9. The Huntsman: Winter’s War                                    $1,209,045

  10. Mother’s Day                                                                    $1,139,283


  1. X-Men: Apocalypse (NEW)                                         £7,354,293

  2. Angry Birds                                                                       £2,012,663

  3. The Jungle Book                                                               £1,445,165

  4. Captain America: Civil War                                          £1,334,385

  5. Bad Neighbours 2                                                             £766,425

  6. A Hologram For The King (NEW)                             £378,759

  7. Florence Foster Jenkins                                              £243,901

  8. Our Kind of Traitor                                                       £211,790

  9. 28 Days Later (Secret Cinema 2016)                       £165,128

  10. Thomas & Friends: The Great Race (NEW)        £147,617


Dr. Loomis’s Comment

So there are the weeks new releases with Alice Through The looking Glass set to receive all the attention.

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