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If you love a good drama movie like we do then take a look at these reviews which may draw your attention to films you may be completely unaware of.

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Rumble Fish (1983) Blu-ray Review

It’s time to start my look at all of the Nicolas Cage films that are currently available on Blu-ray. I’m starting off with Rumble Fish (1983) although I have just reviewed Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) in which he has a small role. The film …

Winter’s Bone (2010) Blu-ray Review

The film I’m taking a closer look at today is highly regarded receiving no less than four Oscar nominations and stars none other than Jennifer Lawrence. It’s a gritty piece too, so without further ado here’s my Winter’s Bone Blu-ray Review. Winter’s Bone (2010) Genre: Drama/Thriller …