Movies Released This Week Oct 9 2015

Sicario & The Walk

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the Movies Released This Week (October 9 2015) for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema, plus all the weeks film news.  So what’s our first new release?  Sicario starring Emily Blunt releases on Friday in the UK.

But first the news…

Film News

Flatliners Remake???

So according to Variety Ellen Page is in talks to star in a reboot / remake of the 90’s film that starred Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon.


Why not remake it? Hollywood seems to be incapable of writing much new these days. I mean how many new books are written each year; surely some of these could be made into movies. Soon we will be remaking films that have not yet been released and then where will we be. Which will be the original the one made first or the one released first!!! Err sorry got a little carried away there but hopefully you see my point.


28 Months Later?

Danny Boyle says he would be interested in directing sequel 28 Months Later but only if the script is right. He also added that it would have to be after he directs Trainspotting 2, according to an interview with

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Movies Released This Week

Sicario (Action Crime Drama)

Released 9th October 2015 UK (15) 121 Mins

Starring Emily Blunt; Josh Brolin; Benicio Del Toro

Emily Blunt plays idealistic FBI agent Kate Macer who is deployed to the border area between the US and Mexico to track down a drugs lord.

The Walk (Drama)

Released 9th October 2015 UK/US (PG) 123 Mins

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Ben Kingsley; James Badge Dale

This is the story of high wire artist Philippe Petit and his amazing walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center in 1974


Regression (Thriller)

Released 9th October 2015 UK (15) 106 Mins

Starring Emma Watson; Ethan Hawke; David Thewlis

Ethan Hawke plays Detective Bruce Kenner, he has to investigate the alleged sexual abuse of young Angela (Emma Watson) by her father.


Pan (Adventure)

Released 9th October 2015 US (PG) 111 Mins

Starring Levi Miller ; Hugh Jackman ; Rooney Mara ; Garrett Hedlund ; Amanda Seyfried

This is the story of Peter Pan


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Movies Releases Down Under

Black Mass

Released AU / NZ 8th October 2015 Mins (Action Drama)


Miss You Already

Released AU / NZ 8th October 2015 112 Mins (Comedy Drama)


Learning to Drive

Released AU 8th October 2015 105 Mins (Comedy Drama)


Top 10 Box Office Films

US Box Office

  1. The Martian

  2. Hotel Transylvania 2

  3. Sicario

  4. The Intern

  5. The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

  6. Black Mass

  7. Everest

  8. The Visit

  9. War Room

  10. The Perfect Guy


UK Box Office

  1.   The Martian

  2.   Legend

  3.   Everest

  4.   The Intern

  5.   Macbeth

  6.   The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

  7.   Il Trovatore – Met Opera 2015 (Opera)

  8.   Miss You Already

  9.   Singh is Bling

  10.   Inside Out



So there are your movie releases this week, we would say the film of the week has to be Sicario starring Emily Blunt.

Let us know what you think about the weeks releases or anything film related in the news this week, simply subscribe and leave a comment.

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