Movies Released This Week Aug 21 2015

Sinister 2 & Hitman: Agent 47

Popcorn Cinema Show takes a look at the weeks movie releases (21 August 2015) for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand at the cinema.  Sinister 2 is out in both UK & US, but first the news…

Film News

Christian Bale to star in Ferrari Film? report that Christian Bale will team up with director Michael Mann in a film about Italian car magnate Enzo Ferrari. The film is due to start shooting next summer.


Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses List 2015 by Forbes

So who do you think is the highest earning actress?  Well according to this is the top 10popcorn cinema show

  1. Jennifer Lawrence  $52 Million

  2. Scarlett Johansson $35.5 Million

  3. Melissa McCarthy  $23 Million

  4. Bingbing Fan                    $21 Million

  5. Jennifer Aniston                                                                           $16.5 Million

  6. Julia Roberts                                                                                   $16 Million

  7. Angelina Jolie                                                                                 $15 Million

  8. Reese Witherspoon                                                                      $15 Million

  9. Anne Hathaway                                                                              $12 Million

  10. Kristen Stewart                                                                             $12 Million

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This Weeks Movie Release

Sinister 2 (Horror)

Released UK / US (15 / R) 97 Mins
  • Starring James Ransone ; Shannyn Sossamon ; Tate Ellington

This is the sequel to the 2012 horror film Sinister, following on from though the events, Courtney a protective mother (Shannyn Sossamon) and her 9-year-old twin sons move into a remote farmhouse. The family soon appears to be the target from a supernatural presence, which has targeted her son Dylan in particular, resulting in him acting oddly.

Vacation (Comedy)

Released UK (15) 99 Mins
  • Starring Ed Helms ; Christina Applegate ; Chris Hemsworth ; Chevy Chase

Now grown up Rusty Griswold decides to recreate his childhood vacation for his kids by taking the family on a road trip to Walley World theme park, however all will not go well.

The Bad Education Movie (Comedy)

Released UK (15) 91 Mins
  • Starring Jack Whitehall

So this is the big screen version of the TV series Bad Education.

Alfie Wickers is a bad teacher, but despite this no one cares about their pupils quite like Alfie does. With the exams over Alfie joins his class on the best school trip ever!

Hitman: Agent 47 (Action)

Released US (R) 96 Mins
  • Starring Rupert Friend ; Zachary Quinto ; Ciaran Hinds ; Thomas Kretschnmann ; Hannah Ware

Assassin Agent 47 ( who was genetically engineered to be the perfect killing machine) is tasked with dealing with a mega-corporation who plan to unlock the secret of Agent 47’s past. With the aim to create an army of elite killers.

American Ultra (Action Comedy)

Released US (R) 96 Mins
  • Starring Jesse Eisenberg ; Kristen Stewart ; Topher Grace

Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) is a seemingly luckless unmotivated stoner whose lives in a small town with his girlfriend, Phoebe (Kristen Stewart). Unbeknownst to Mike he is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent. In the split second Mike’s secret past comes back to haunt him, and he finds himself in the middle of a deadly government operation.

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