Mr Jones Movie Review (2013) A Strange Psychological Horror

  • Mr Jones (2013)
  • Horror
  • Written and Directed By Karl Mueller
  • Music By Herqig Maurer
  • Starring Jon Foster ; Sarah Jones ; Mark Steger

It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start watching horror movies, old and new. Here’s my Mr Jones movie review (Blu-ray). It’s a 2013/14 horror film.

Mr Jones Movie Review


So I would describe this as a psychological horror, a couple (Scott & Penny) move to a remote cabin to escape the pressure of the world. Soon after they realise they might not be as alone as they thought, when they discover the house of the reclusive artist known only as Mr Jones.

They investigate his house but things start to spiral out of control with both Scott and Penny becoming obsessed with Mr Jones and his work! It turns out looking inside Mr Jones house is probably not the best thing to do, but when has that mattered!

I won’t give anymore away but you never really know what’s going on, that said I did see the ending coming or pretty much the ending. As I mentioned this is a psychological horror which keeps trying to confuse you as to what is really going on and thus requires you concentrate.

Most of this film is shot on hand held cameras like Blair Witch, personally I don’t like this approach. I know it’s supposed show the fear and paranoia, but I just find it irritating and hard to watch.

Conclusion: Mr Jones Movie Review (Blu-ray)

So is it a good film? I’m sorry to say I found myself checking the time to see how long was left. Whilst it has some interesting ideas, a nightmare that never ends, ultimately I don’t think they managed to pull this off. It’s not a terrible film but not one I will be re-visiting any time soon, so no classic here.

Very hard going and the ending is not worth the effort put in watching the film. It’s a new film so picture quality wise it looks great.

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Mr Jones movie review

Popcorn Cinema Movie Rating: Mr Jones (2013)



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Final Thought: Mr Jones (2013)

That concludes the Mr Jones movie review, have you seen it?  What did you think, do you agree with me or is this a cracking horror film?

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So enjoy the Halloween countdown and keep an eye out for my upcoming Halloween specials and more horror movie reviews.

In the meantime Happy Halloween!!!

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Summary: Mr Jones (2013) Blu-ray Review
Mr Jones movie review

Movie title: Mr Jones (2013)

Movie description: A psychological horror set around a strange house

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Karl Mueller

Actor(s): Jon Foster, Sarah Jones, Mark Steger

Genre: Horror

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Boy did this film drag, most of the film is shot on hand held cameras like Blair Witch an approach that’s been some what overused in recent years.